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FNAF: Lost Souls

edited September 2017 in Play My Game
A "3D" horror game built in flowlab.
Hopefully, this is, or will be, the scariest game on Flowlab.

Currently there's 1 night in the game... but with multiple levels and mini games.
1. Title page. Flashing "Animatronics", glitch lines, title glitching out, blackouts.
2. Elevator. Listen to HandUnit's instructions. Or not. It's not really that important.
3. Hallway walk-Night 1. Press the up button to move, and release to stop. Reach the stairs at the end to win. Press down to check on the red puffball and to make him retreat a step. The eye at the corner describes how suspicious/how fast the puffball is moving. Green= he's standing still. Yellow= he's suspicious. Red= he's noticed you. Going forward will make him suspicious and eventually give away your position, so don't keep going when the eye is red. There's a lot of ways he can kill you though.
4. Instructions for fixing the control panel.
5. Fixing the control panel. Slide up the big lever (not too much though), click the little levers, click and hold the nails until they turn to the side, click the orange button to move the wire (but you'll be unable to do anything while it's moving). Then click the control box. Keep the two timers wound up while you're at it.
6. FNAF office station. Check the cameras, check the doors. If you see a white dot flashing across the camera screen, switch it immediately. Check the doors frequently and last from 1 to 4 am.
7. Ventilation crawl- Crawl through the vents using the up button, listening to casual bongos. If you hear strange garbling, stop immediately. If you hear the music again, go for it.
8. In progress. Last level of night 1.

Jumpscare sounds have been added.

Disclaimer: original game by Scott Cawthon.



  • Same thing happened to Scott too.

    Bonnie got him when he didn't expect it. That's also the reason why he finds Bonnie the scariest
  • edited September 2017
    The difficulty is so random now that I don't dare playing it except in the behavior playtesting.
    Did anyone get jump scared yet?

    I also would really appreciate some people to animate some jump scares, mine are really too simple
    Also, @Mhx Aîr with your 3d effect tutorial, do you know how to make walls, you know, that pass by as you walk past them? Like, there's the door coming closer to you, but to GET there, you have to have a hallway. Right now walking to the stairways just looks like a pyramid getting closer and glitching out.
  • There are two ways to do this, my ridiculously painful way, or the old fashioned click adventure way. You could still use my map concept, so it is basically like this every single part of the map is a collision. Every collision plays a full screen animation. If an enemy is also touching that collision tile for that room, they are emitted on the screen, OR, the easier option is having a full screen enemy animation on the layer above play and alpha 100%. Maybe you get what I'm talking about but it isn't the easiest to explain with words.
  • Made 2 new levels. The first level is the instructions for the second level.
  • I made a new level with a new enemy, the Rainbow Bunny.
    Check the cameras by clicking on the antenna on the bottom-left corner to see where the bunny is. 3 cameras in total.
    Check the two doors to make sure bunny isn't there, and if he is, to chase him away.
    The bunny moves from cam 1-2-3, the 2nd door, then back to 1, then 2, then the 1st door.
    After that, it's all random- the bunny can be anywhere, from both doors to the camera. If the bunny's at the door but you don't see him fast enough, then it's game over!
    You can't just keep spamming lighting the doors, either. The bunny may decide to jump from the camera and skip the doors, so you must check it frequently as well.
    Right now there's no guide or time clock, so you basically have to fend the bunny off until it eventually gets you.

    @grazer, right now this game requires a lot of full-screen UI jumpscare animations, so I'm worried that they might disappear again. Is there any way of preventing this?
  • The bunny never moved from the room with the 5 for me.
  • It moves.. It's really nice... well done

    Anyway its confusing because you don't know if he will more or no ... and etc.... it needs interactions with the cameras

    I told you in discord another tips
  • It's random how often he moves, because manually encrypting everything would take a TON of time, and I would never be able to find anything if I want to change some behaviors or fix a bug. :(
  • Now there's a voice instruction, background music, win condition and a battery function for the office level. Start at 1 A.M. and survive until 4 A.M. to move on to the next job. Now, the rainbow bunny should move faster while in the cameras, at least before 3 am. @Mhx Aîr

    With the exception of @Pixelpizza has anyone played (and beat) the full game yet?
  • I didn't beat it, but I'll say one thing. The walk to the stairs is super easy if you just walk backwards.
  • whaaaat? How can you walk backwards?
  • Holding up, then down at the same time, you keep walking to the stairs, but you also stay looking behind. Since this counts as only looking back once, the puff ball never triggers, and you can watch as it rushes at you when you get closer to the stairs. It rushes at you 3 times when you get pretty close, so walking backwards allows you to stop walking just before the mouth opens.
  • edited September 2017
    Ohhh... thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it.

    I THINK it's fixed now, but with the addition of the switches I'm afraid it might've caused a few more bugs, though I'm not sure. Just a feeling, I didn't FIND anything wrong. If you hold the up button and the down button together, the screen shake and moving forward will be disabled, but the puffball movement will be not. Please let me know if you spot anything, I can't find everything out like you can :dizzy:
  • edited September 2017
    This is why I use numbers instead of buttons in my new game. I use 1 for up and 8 for down. If the filter gets 1, you walk up, if the filter gets 8, you walk down. Pressing up and down adds together and makes 9, and 9 does nothing, because there is no filter for equal to 9. All my game controls add up to numbers, that do specific things, so key presses that I don't want to mix up will do nothing.
  • like UP=1-filter
    and DOWN=2-filter
    equal to 1, 2...
    I get it. I should try that out later in new levels. Thanks
  • Make sure they both go into an equation (A+B), have an always connected to it, and have (up) on both up and down connect to a 0, so when you press up, it is 1, and let go, it is 0. This way, the equation uses up+down, where 0+0 is nothing, 1+0 is up, 0+2 is down, and 1+2 is 3, which also does nothing. If you don't add the numbers in an equation, the filters don't work right.
  • edited September 2017
    OK. I'll maybe do a 5th level (after the 4th, which I haven't made yet,) that makes you walk along the hallways to the exit, using your mechanic. I'm thinking of doing a volume-controlled enemy movement so the player will have to turn the volume on, with jumpscare sounds I'll "add".
    If the enemy isn't near, it'll probably play "casual bongos" or something like that.
    If he is near, some weird garbling sounds will fade out the background music and the player has to stop until the music plays again.
    The 4th level is supposed to be another manual repairing game, but I need some ideas for that.
    Right now, the credits go to me, pixelpizza (for ideas and bug killing), mhx air (for bug killing and behavior mechanics) and the original FNAF. Thanks everyone :D

    *descriptions have been updated
  • edited September 2017
    A new level has been added: Crawlthrough.
    The player must crawl through the vents in a similar fashion as the hallway walk.
    This time, they must carefully listen to the music to make sure it stays on casual bongos. If it changes to garbling, or robotic sounds, stop moving immediately and wait until it changes back. Then keep walking. This time the amount of encounters is fixed, so it's not random. Winning is not based on prediction, rather reaction.

    UP to move
  • well im listening to the music and i get a jumpscare anyway...

    But i like the idea
    well done
  • The garbling noise plays at first when it loads, even though there's a once-0-volume in it...
    That's because the music needs time to load the first time you play it. You need to re-load the level to play it correctly.
  • A new title screen has been added, it's almost like a real FNAF title screen...just "Flowlabized", of course.
  • Now the next step is to make (steal) screeching sounds for the jumpscares.
    Not really looking forward to it though...
  • Do what Scott did and take a screaming sound and edit it.
  • Nah... I doubt my parents would like it if I screamed in the house. :P
    I stole FNAF 3's jumpscare sound instead. I wanted sister location's but there were no videos or mp3s...
  • Now I'll just be scaring people away from the forums with my profile pic.
    At least until tomorrow

    @Latif3 I had a 300 second cooldown too for trying to post here before 60 seconds... nonsense!
    At least it's not permanent
  • I played this game a few days ago but forgot to comment.

    This is amazing :D
  • @Luminous700

    "Profile? What is he talking abo-OH MY GOD"
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