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Keep between levels but reinitializate?(Please read this, Grazer)

Hi(to anyone that reads this but specifically to @grazer ),
I just wondered if it could be possible, eventually, to change an object's properties so it keeps existing between levels, but still reinitializate when changing levels.
I ask this because I am creating a game were ennemies follow you using the extractor behavior to detect your position, and I would have to create a new type of ennemies if I wanted to create another level with another player object. However, if I use the "Keep between levels" property, the player will only trigger his "Once" behavior in the first level, and will not re-use it if he dies. This would be a problem, while I use the "Once" behavior to create some checkpoints.

This is why you should(Please!) create a "Keep between levels but reinitialise" property in the menu.




  • Instead of extracting positions, use Proximities, or have the player extract the position from themselves and message it to the enemies. That’s how SB3 works.
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