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FLOWJAM - Results Posted

edited May 2018 in Announcements
What is FLOWJAM:
Flowjam is a competition between the Flowlab community to create games in a limited time and with a defined theme at the beginning of the competition.
It aims to bring together all producers, have fun and eventually improve the capabilities of each of the participants.

How it works:
The competition is held every other week. At the end of each week the games of each participant will be delivered to the jury and eventually evaluated. After that will be announced the 3 winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) and will be playable and accessible to all.

The jury is Grazer for obvious reasons (I think) (after his confirmation) @grazer

The games will be evaluated in 3 aspects each with the same importance (33%):
- ART: consists of the game being appealing, beautiful, originality of art style, color palette, etc.
- GAMEPLAY: It is that the game is addictive, easy to play, fun, etc.
- FLOW: It consists of whether the game is complex (quantity and complexity of flows within the game)

The theme:
The competition theme is randomly generated by the participants' votes before it starts.
The votes will have to be themes, objects or places and not game genres.
Examples of acceptable votes: Mines, Arena, Futuristic, Time Travel, Swords, Ghosts, Bots, Steampunk
Examples of unacceptable votes: Arcade, Exploration, Tycoon, Action

- NO racism or any other offensive games or words
- DO NOT spam registrations
- It is NOT necessary to purchase to enter or win.
- NO outside resources (sprites or songs that are not made by you or NOT copyright-free)
- NO Flowlab premade sprites (C'mon I know you can do it by yourself)

To participate:
In order to participate in the competition you have to fill out a simple form:
By option you can enter the discord server to chat or for more information:

We will announce when the contest will start


  • ^^
    Thanks PixelPizza for all the help with FlowJam!
  • Welp, let’s hope the theme is space,
  • i am not the best game maker and not that experienced but i love i good challenge!Except i do feel i can make good short games,lets hope!
  • Time Travel!
  • Now I’m tempted to 3D print the trophy
  • I’d like something involving.... caves
  • @CrimsonBlackGames that would be interesting too... But don't forget to submit your entry
  • I'll judge the games, no problem :)
  • Great!
  • edited April 2018
    @PixelPizza i dont know if i missed this like but should we put like #FlowJam in our descriptions to qualify it
  • @dankermemes but I think we can't edit our descpritions
  • Only 2 days left before FLOWJAM starts!!!

    Don't forget to submit your entry :D
  • Whats the topic did u say it on discord
  • @PixelPizza if teams is a complete feature of flowlab we could do duojam
  • @dankermemes the topic will be annouced HERE in 2 days. Don't worry.
    it didnt started yet
  • Today is the last to SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY!
    The theme will be decided today!

    Hurry up!
    @CrimsonBlackGames @Mhx Aîr @Luminous @SnakeInMyHoot
  • You have to submit your entry AFTER the theme is revealed

    Else how will we know what you are supposed to make, it just becomes random chance if that’s the case.
  • @CrimsonBlackGames Nope.

    BEFORE the theme is revealed. You have to vote for a theme when you submit your entry.

    And just like I said the theme is randomly picked and everyone would built the game within that theme.

    "The competition theme is randomly generated by the participants' votes before it starts."
  • So my game isn’t supposed to be submitted? But what I want as a theme IS?

    Ok- I want Caves
  • @CrimsonBlackGames

    Just in the end of the week....
    The thread explains everything tho

    The only thing you have to submit is your name and your theme so we can randomize all the themes.

    In the final it haves the google form link where you submit:
  • I don't really know what this is, haven't really been keeping track of whatever was going on here, but I assume you guys are trying to make like a mini contest or something. I guess just you know whenever the theme is posted and how many days you have to work on it and finish it, that'll pretty much decide whether or not I'll join in. If not, at the very least, if you want, I can help judge. Doesn't really matter what the theme is, I'm not picky.
  • edited April 2018
    The post really explains everything but I will resume @Mhx Aîr

    A contest that happens every other week.
    A contest to all the flowlab creators just for fun and game improvement.
    The theme is decided randomly (between voted themes by the participants)
    You have one week to finish it. Grazer will evaluate it. Grazer announces 3 winners.

    The google form just help us to know how many persons are participating and what are the votes for the theme.

    Please consider filling the form
  • @CrimsonBlackGames I will fill it for you because you already picked the theme
  • Just one question.

    You said we're not allowed to use outside resources. So no royalty free stuff? For example music from Eric Matyas. And what about the sound effects in the sound behavior?

    Sorry if it sounds stupid lol.
  • @Latif3 we should be allowed because theres no good songs and no good sound effects
  • "- NO outside resources (sprites or songs that are not made by you or NOT copyright-free)"

    It says you cannot use things that aren't copyright free.
    SO you can use music from Eric for example.

    @Latif3 @dankermemes

    :star::star::star: SPACE :star::star::star:

    Let the games begin!
    You can now start building your game within this theme.
    A reminder: The games will be base-evaluated in 3 main things ART, GAMEPLAY and FLOW.
    You can send the link of your game to here or to discord in the next sunday ( day 22/ month 04/ 2018)
    Have fun and Good luck!

    theme random
    If you are wondering why is there repeated themes is because various people picked that theme (and the green thing is my ip)

    Everyone can still enter and make the game within the theme and send in a week.
  • cool, i start either today or tomorrow!
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