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FLOWJAM - Results Posted



  • edited April 2018
    I appreciate the auto keybind for Joy2key, and I hope other people will add controller support to their games as well
  • What.... what if I did that with SB3? Giving it 32 directions instead of just 8
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    Do you already have a way that you can pull that off? I get the idea of dual joysticks, but how do you pull that off with flowlab? Even I only pull off eight directions per joystick, since Joy2key only recognizes x,y,z,slider
  • edited April 2018
    Well, there was no time listed as the deadline - so I'm going to go ahead and put my scores for the submissions. The scores listed are all out of 10 for each category (art, gameplay, flow) so the max possible score is 30:

    Poop 10 - Space Gates:

    Interesting twist on a platformer. I like the idea of spawning platforms, but the controls were a little bit tricky to use. I liked the weird second dimension after beating the boss. Overall, this was a good start on an interesting idea, but pretty hard to play.

    Art: 5
    Gameplay: 5
    Flow: 5
    Total: 15

    XxCarbotxX - Zoomin:

    Interesting gameplay concept, I liked the grid movement. The controls worked perfectly, and the random levels mean that every playthrough is unique.

    Art: 6
    Gameplay: 7
    Flow: 8
    Total: 21

    Muddy Apples - Space Face:

    Like all Muddy Apples games, the art is cute, strange, and well made. The simple one-button gameplay should make it perfect for mobile. A polished game for such a short timeframe.

    Art: 8
    Gameplay: 6
    Flow: 7
    Total: 21

    EnderKole/SnakeInMyHoot - Absorb:

    I really liked the ideas here. It used the theme well, and I thought playing as the villain was clever. I don't usually like clicker games, but enjoyed playing this one and liked the overall feel. Had some nice polished touches, like the direction indicator to keep from getting lost.

    Art: 7
    Gameplay: 7
    Flow: 8
    Total: 22

    Pixel Pizza - Gravity Blast:

    As usual from Pixel Pizza, the art is amazing. The logo and menus look great, and I liked the creative attacks.

    Art: 10
    Gameplay: 6
    Flow: 7
    Total: 23

    So the official winner of FlowJam #1 is: Gravity Blast

    The submissions were all really impressive for the short timeframe you guys had, and it was hard to pick a winner!

    If anyone who entered wants a Flowlab sticker, email me your address ([email protected] - don't post it in the forum, obvs) and I'll ship you a couple.

    Thanks to everyone who entered - and I hope everyone had fun!
  • Aw, you get a sticker? Makes me wish that I submitted something, even though the camera idea didn't work. Oh well, I'll just use my idea for Shifter I guess.
  • @poop10 Like that idea of spawning platforms, nice. I did find it a bit tricky to make it through the first gate.

    @grazer I'm definitely taking you up on that offer of free stickers...whoop! Thanks for the scoring!

    @Mhx Aîr I'll take a photo of my sticker when it arrives! haha. You'll be entering the next jam I'm sure.

    Talking of the next jam, my vote is for a Sports theme, but I know it will have to go to an official voting process. Probably need to pick a time zone and time for submissions.

  • I may enter the next jam if raycast gets an update. There's a lot of new stuff I want to test out. I got a bit rusty on flowlab after taking a long break.
  • Did I win? Yay, I won :D

    Thank you all for participating in the first week of FLOWJAM. It was a success :) The next flowjam will start in the next week! I will create another theme pool soon. And I hope this time isn't space or something that I never worked before ahah.

    Oh I hope to see more people submitting games and entering the competition.

    I liked all the games as well. All of them were creative and had really interesting concepts.

    here is my entry! hope you enjoy, even tough i am a bit late.... i actually planned to make a much bigger game with cpus, different modes and good menus. But as I mentioned earlier I had to work, and I could not find enough time to make it finished before the deadline :anguished:

    but i hope you play it, and hopefully you will like it :smile:
  • I hate myself for not thinking of a workaround.
  • Was moving and so was without internet for the majority of the week until now, but because it's simple I got it done last monday Unfortunate but oh well!
  • Nice game Wizardry, I like the rocks switching colour, cool gameplay.
  • @Luminous Yap Luminous you should enter too
  • Next time we should provide custom trophies, they're actually very inexpensive.
  • If the competition were bigger, maybe, like 30-50+ people.
  • I can 3D print one
  • You have a 3D printer? That must be fun.
  • edited April 2018
    The school does. There’s a “flashforge inventor” that doesn’t cost much more than 1.2 grand

    It’s a decent printer. I might be getting one soon. I’m going to 3D print a miniature arcade game thing to fit my raspberry. Might make some SB3 stickers to cover it with... make my own arcade machine that emulates SB3

    You live in Florida, correct? There’s quite a few services in Jacksonville if you want to print something but don’t want a printer.
  • edited April 2018
    I don't have anything to print, but if I owned one, I would print stuff randomly for fun, like custom amiibos or something.
    Submit your theme and entry now!

    The theme is going to be picked this Sunday just like the start of the competition.
    (This theme multiple theme votes counts as one, to avoid multiple account votes and etc.)

    Hope to everyone enters and post the game in the Sunday of the next week!
  • Now commenting as PixelPizza personally. I don't know if I will be able to make such a great game next week or even participating but i will try anyway.

    Btw @grazer I don't have permission to edit the discussion title because it's an annoucment. I wanted to change to "entrys now open"

    Could you edit yourself or give me the permission? I won't use it for another case
  • Ummmm

  • Isn't that a GameGenre instead of a theme? @CrimsonBlackGames
  • edited April 2018
    @PixelPizza It’s both..

    A “sub genre” if you will... as it doesn’t dictate what the objective is... another one would be “first person shooter” or maybe “Beat ‘em up”

    You can’t have an autorunner without a complimenting genre to go with it. As it *does* dictate some core gameplay more or less.

    also multiple votes on the same theme should be entered multiple times, as it still appeals to the majority, but still gives less voted ones a chance. I like the original voting system. People won’t use multiple accounts because pretty much anyone here can be trusted, as there’s not really anybody who has a bad reputation
  • edited April 2018
    I'd fix it myself, but I don't even have the ability to edit, or delete announcements. I can't even edit or delete my own announcements.

    As for themes, I mean we could alternate between genre and theme. That puts people in a hot seat for competition, because if I said make a space shooter, it could be upscrolling, side scrolling, full movement space map, galaga vs gradius vs bosconian, or faux 3D like arcade star wars or Atari shooters, and even geometry wars asteroids style. There's tons of variants of genre.
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    If we did both, and ended up doing let's say jungle and autoscroller, that really limits the variations, and then it cuts down the ability to be unique. Almost sure everyone would do something with monkeys.

    If we did only jungle, people could do anything from donkey kong, to angry birds, to terraria, to hunting, to survival, as long as it is in a jungle.

    If we did autoscroller, you could do anything from platformers to space shooters to car races to crash bandicoot rolling rock escape to anything really.

    You can't do both at once, because people need room for imagination.
  • @CrimsonBlackGames "People won’t use multiple accounts" it happened last time . Not that I mind because it's really just for fun but yeah. Multiple votes can count then . dont worry
  • ok, theme idea submitted...
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