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*NEW* Diamondsion Assault Light Attack (mini games)

edited October 2013 in General
I'm sure a lot of you have seen my game Diamondsion Assault on the front page of the Games Area, but while grazer is doing some changes to the game engine, I decided to take up some time to make mini games.
You will find revamped games similar to
- Gravity Guy
- Kitten Cannon / Berzerk Ball
- Tetris
- Pong
and a few other games I will work on every now and then. I JUST started this game, and have a Gravity Dash preview to play for anyone interested.

For anyone who wants updates to these 2 games, I have a facebook page for everything I make.
I would appreciate any likes or recommendations to friends to help my page grow :)
I really hope to make a very popular game series one day.


  • You should also mention the PSP version. IT'S DA BOMB!
  • Well the PSP version is still really being worked on. It's not made in, nor is it being coded by me. It is being developed in the background for a homebrew competition coming up, and I have not heard from the coder in a long time.
  • Your logo on the game was AWESOME! And, where did you find the coder? I want to make a video game and my Dad said I could probably acomplish it.
  • By the way... Were can I make PSP games?
  • I run Diamondsion Studios. I had a whole developer team of coders as friends. It's very unlikely you could make a game because code is like learning Japanese. You mess up 1 dot or line, and you wrote completely the wrong thing.
    It would take you 4 months and a book worth of typing to make a simple mario rip off.
  • Whoa....
  • yup. the psp version has been in the making for a year and a half, and it's only 12% of my flowlab version.
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