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Team Recruitment

First off I want to say sorry for not being on for a while, this summer has been busy, but getting to the point I want to recruit a dev/art team. Whoever joins and get recruited (applications in the discord seen below, and I will place format here, but it will take a bit longer for me to respond) will get a say in what kind of game they want.


If you do get recruited it is pretty chill, just work when you can on the game, and post a report to tell what you have done (if recruited need discord). If you have not reported in over a month however, you will get kicked off.

I do hope that some of you want to join the team, and if you do have personal projects on flowlab feel free to not have this be a burden on you. One last thing, if you have something going on personally, just contact me here, or on discord and we can arrange stuff.

Application format:

> Tell us why you want to be an artist/developer

> Show us you work, whether it be pixel art, or a game you have made

Simple enough.
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