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So how is mobile exporting on FlowLab?

I've been working on a game that's purely for mobile devices, but I have two main concerns which are screen size (scaling) and locking the orientation. I saw an older FlowLab made game on the appstore and the screensize was wrong and you were able to turn the screen whichever way you like which isn't how it should be.

Are these things already optimized or is all that being worked on? In my opinion FlowLab is the most efficient game engine and I want my game to be perfect for mobile.


  • Back then it was that way, but it’s fixed now... SB3 is on the store, play it and those problems aren’t encountered
  • edited July 2018
    @CrimsonBlackGames IOS or Android? I can’t seem to find it, did you make it?

    Edit: Oh you mean Starblast 3?

    Edit 2: Found it

    I don’t have an Android device though, don’t know if throwing it on an emulator would help.

    Edit 3: Anyhow if everything about screen size and orientation is good, then everything is up to speed? No crashing, no frame rate issues (generally), etc?
  • Nope. Every thing is pretty solid. You’ll want to avoid using music though... seems to freeze the game for a short time while it loads.
  • Wish things like loading screens and whatnot were more customizable, I’m not sure if @grazer ever mentioned that, but I’ve completely avoided using the restart game behavior because it totally disrupts the flow of the game, I had to manually reset the points value, reset all the positions of the objects, etc. just so the screen wouldn’t go black for a second then reappear with everything reset. A custom loading screen would be nice.
  • Why don’t you just have a restart level...
  • “but I’ve completely avoided using the restart game behavior because it totally disrupts the flow of the game.”

    My game is fast paced so having the game go to a black screen every 30 seconds (when people restart the game) is quite annoying.
  • restart LEVEL (use the next level behavior
  • @CrimsonBlackGames lol why don't you just read his entire post and understand what he's actually trying to say?

    Now please read this carefully before posting again:
    When you switch to another level or restart the same one the game will load all objects first. While doing that the screen is just empty. You can only see the level's background color, and he doesn't like that. Instead of simply restarting the level he just resets everything (object positions, score, health and stuff like that), but he would rather be able to customize the loading screen.
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