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Update: New Physics Engine



  • Hey @Mhx Aîr - I looked at, and I'm assuming that the "Soul" object is the one we're talking about? I changed it to a polygon, and it was a little off center, but not nearly as much as in the screenshot above for some reason.

    When the object's sprite is analyzed, the alpha channel is taken into account, so an object with a faded glow around it will probably not end up with the borders and position you expect. To solve this, you could remove the glow from the default sprite so that the borders are more predictable.

    Also, keep in mind that a circle is the fastest collision shape (it can be checked just using distance), so if you're concerned with performance, then it's better to just use circles whenever you can.
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    @grazer I changed the soul to a solid white circle so it is no longer affected by the animation size, but it still is off center with polygon. I believe polygon acts odd if the object size is large, but the object image doesn't fill the box.

    Also, if in Play mode preview in the behavior editor, and hit OK instead of stop, it freezes the program.
  • @grazer The ramps are set to non-movable but they're movable:
  • edited December 2018
    Thanks for posting that, @Latif - Strangely they are not falling under gravity :/

    I'll fix it and post an update.
  • @Mhx Aîr - I'm not sure I follow the polygon issue, but if you have an example of a sprite (with sharp edges, no glow/shadow/alpha fade) that isn't lining up properly I can check it out. All the testing I've done seems to line up OK.

    I think I know about that annoying behavior window issue - I think hitting escape to open the editor back up should sort it out?

  • Hey @Latif - the polygon shape moving problem has been resolved, thanks again for pointing it out and making an example :)
  • @grazer I am not sure if I tested if hitting Escape gets you out of the frozen window, but if I had, it didn't, and I just hit refresh.

    As far as the polygon hitbox thing, I am aware of the glow, because I was aware of the original size, and I was aware that it was going to cause a problem with the hitbox being too big, which is why I turned it into a white circle, to make that the hitbox size, and the glow wouldn't actually affect it. Here's what I think happened. The original hitbox was correct when it was a 32 X 32 object, but then I uploaded an image that was much larger, but the image doesn't fill the whole Space, so there's a lot of empty air around the Soul image, and now the hitbox registers as if it would be in the top left like a regular 32 X 32 image hitbox. I will do some testing if I get home before 3 a.m., and I'll let you know what I come up with if it can be recreated.
  • Ok, thanks for the update and reporting the polygon issues. I need to fix that weird play/close window interaction for sure, and just let me know if you can reproduce the polygon offset problem.
  • So I actually got off work after 3am, but I still wanted to try to help you out.

    So, as far as I can tell, for whatever reason, the polygon hitbox circle being way off center seems to only happen when I upload this image, not any other image I tried. I can't even imagine why.


    Now, here's something else even more bizarre. I managed to crash the browser with only 3 polygon circles. Try it here
    The game won't load, it is completely frozen at boot up. Hit ESC a bunch until editor opens up.
    Now, try to move an object, it vanishes, and then your mouse gets stuck to the screen. Hitting play or ESC makes a frozen white screen. Maybe this gif will help.

    Hopefully these images and descriptions will help you track the source of these bugs.

  • Thanks for staying up late and helping to track these down, Mhx! This should be enough info for me to figure it out for sure.
  • Ok, so the crash should be fixed now, thanks for that example.

    Both of the fuzzy objects are showing off-center collision shapes when using generated polygons. This is probably due to the difference in the way the alignment is calculated (using the object's bounding box, which is any visible pixel) and the way the polygons are generated (only using visible pixels above a certain alpha threshold). This is probably something I can work out a fix for, but in the meantime it should be simple to work around this by using a sprite with a clean edge and the size you want, and playing an animation that has the fuzzy-edged visuals you want.

    Either way, thanks for pointing this out and providing these clear examples - it really helps.
  • My game needs different objects to have different drags... What should I do?
  • Hey @TheWilderLord - maybe post a link, and hopefully I can help work something out or at least offer suggestions.
  • Also @grazer Can you change my account name to "TheForgotten"?
  • @grazer will there be a universal drag settning? I realy need one.
  • @grazer good news. I was able to recreate and record a bug I tried to explain a few months ago.

    Basically, if you move an object away from it's original position, and scroll that original position off screen, the object disappears as if it thinks it is still over there. Watch.
  • edited December 2018
    @CrimsonBlackGames @Battery @VikingOfSweden - I've added a global drag (in game settings panel) with the latest update.

    @Bestotted_Puppy - I've changed your name as requested, you may need to log out of the forum and log back in through the main site to get it to change here. Regarding the NOR block, I can't reproduce the behavior that the screenshot is implying. The links between blocks stay lit up for a couple of seconds once they initially trigger (otherwise they would flash so quickly you couldn't see them), so it looks like that shot is taken while the input is activated but the output hasn't yet turned off. Make sure that the "only trigger once" setting is turned off in your proximity block if you want it to trigger continually. I think that's the behavior you're looking for.

    @Mhx Aîr - thanks for that screenshot. I had to watch it several times to understand what was going on, but I think I understand the issue now. I added a Trello card here: - let me know if you want an invite to that board.

  • Hey,
    Thanks for the update again!
    Raycast still doesn't work on the capsule.
  • edited December 2018
    Screenshot @grazer Here is the screenshot of the only trigger once off. If you wanna see this happen here is a link to my game -> This screenshot is from the object called "fireball". Found a way around this...
  • Hey @TheForgotten - thanks for the update, that's really weird. I'll take a look inside your game object to see if I can figure out what's going on.
  • edited December 2018
    @grazer I've been working with a couple of objects that will have interesting behaviors in this game and I'm currently working on TNT its super hard to get it to work right with other TNT. They can easily effect blocks in the radius of other TNT. I've never made a object using these behaviors. basically I'm asking what can you do to effect a radius of different blocks? Also next update you should add a new behavior that output game information like FPS and number of outputs just so people can see how well their game is preforming so they can work on fixing their game if they are getting sudden lag spikes. (I have been on flowlab more really liking how the game has improved)
  • edited December 2018
    wut @grazer This could be a visual bug it shows like this but acts normal. Tho in some situations like before it acts up. very weird
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