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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)



  • @Polarbeer2019 @browngr

    Thanks for leaving your game here! Keep in mind it might take me a bit to get to it as I currently have a LOT of games waiting to be reviewed!
  • @Crigence Thanks for the feedback! I was in a study hall and just broke down laughing! I will try to fix this in my free time. Thanks again!
  • edited February 2019
    @Caleb Strawberry 3
    That's a really unique platformer, even if i do say so myself! Here's my notes:

    +Having to regenerate your bounce and keep it going is a... mechanic!
    +It looks... About as good as a bunch of cubes can.
    +The tennis-balls physics (I skipped to level 12) worked way better! Use that!

    -There is no menu at all in this game!
    -Looks like it was made in 5 minutes
    -Controlling how much you bounce is WAY too hard!
    -I have to refresh WAY too much just because i keep hitting walls! Make the bounce more consistent! I can even help with that if you want!
    -Add different types of interactive blocks
    -Add a bounce sound-effect


    The reason there are so little notes is because this game has so little to it! It's just one of those games a dev would make just to see how a idea would work. You know, like a tech-demo! (I'm going to call it that from now on!) And, as a tech-demo, it's pretty good! There are some very interesting ideas at play here!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Visuals - 2
    Sound - 0 (There is none)
    Controls - 2
    Stability - 5

    Final Score: 2.5/5.
    Keep working on it!

    Just keep working on it and improve the mechanics! ~Crigence
  • @Caleb Strawberry 3
    I already know how to fix your bounce mechanics, here's how:

    First, get rid of the bounce number entirely on the object (Well, maybe set it to 0.9 so it has less of a chance of getting stuck!) then, replace it with this code: bounce.png?dl=0

    This makes the bounce MUCH easier to control and opens the door for a LOT of different ways to affect the bouncing! You know, the point of the game?
  • edited February 2019
    It's a pretty average platformer, i'd say. Here's my notes:

    +The games looks pretty good!
    +Nice custom enemy! (If it turns out not to be custom i swear...)
    +I really like the falling logs!
    +The changing scenery is a bit refreshing!

    -That's probably one of the laziest names for a game i've ever heard! The only thing worse would be something like "Old Super Mario Bros." HA!... Wait
    -What's with the "Hello kea!" in the description?
    -That guy in the main-menu is moving his legs WAY too slow! It looks like he's doing the can-can rather than walking!
    -You don't bounce after jumping an enemy? (That sounds like something a black guy would do) That's like a platforming staple!
    -The health system is a bit clunky
    -Something about the yellow enemy creeps me out
    -Where are those sawblades coming from? Is Megaman through that door?


    The reason there are so little notes is because this game has so little to it! It's just one of those games a dev would make just to see how a idea would work. You know, like a tech-demo! (I'm going to call it that from now on!) And, as a... Wait a second...

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Visuals - 4
    Sound - 3 (I forgot to put my headphones on AGAIN!!!!)
    Controls - 2.5
    Stability - 5

    Final Score: 3/5.
    It's okay, i guess.

    Just keep working on it... What else am i suppose to say? ~Crigence
  • edited February 2019
    Hey everyone, after @Latif and a few others said that i swear too much, i toned down the swearing a bit and made the humor rely less on the swearing and inappropriateness helping the joke and more on just generally poking fun at the game and the occasional self-deprecating joke!

    Be sure to tell me which you like better!
  • @Simple_doge5
    Were you requesting a re-review or were you just telling me to play the game again?
  • Hey everyone. I got the map done a day early and decided to release it today. I hope you like the new map.

    Update Content:
    New Item (Map)
    New Enemy (Fire Slime)
    New Character skins (Remade Player, Skeleton, Skull and the Boss)
  • edited February 2019
    You may have not sent this to me, but I am definitely looking at this @SomeGuy542 :lol:
  • Not a re-review, just enjoy the game blindly :p
  • Of course @Simple_doge5 :lol: I wouldn't do that :lol: This is @Crigence 's, after all.
  • edited February 2019
    I was the first to switch my discussion over to the new Reviews category! Wooooo!
  • edited February 2019
    Remember how i said about our goal of beating the top 3 most viewed discussions before the end of 2019?

    Encase you forgot or didn't see the list, here it is:

    "Hurray, a survey!" 946 views (Yep, we're past this one now!)
    "FLOWJAM: Results Posted" 1.1k (We destroyed this one!)
    "Ok, i'm back: And with a new feature preview: Online multiplayer!" 2k views (!)

    Well, we've officially passed 2 of those now and we are currently the third most viewed discussion in ALL of Flowlab! Think about that, all of those discussions have been up for years and yet we managed to take them down in only 1-2 months! That's crazy!

    "Why'd you say 3rd, Crigence?"

    Well, we have a new target: Meet @Eric_Matyas , he owns a music discussion that has 2.4k views (!!!!)

    So, we're going up against what seems to be a professional music creator and fricking @grazer himself!

    Who thinks we can do it?
  • @Johnny boy
    That's an... Interesting game! Here's my notes:

    +Well, there's kiiiiinnnndddd of a menu: Even though it lasts 5 seconds! Make a button!
    +It's actually pretty fun!
    +Does the game speed up as you go? That's a great idea!
    ++So, I'm going through space as a demon-eyed honey jar? Awesome.

    -It's VERY lacking when it comes to visuals, it's just spike balls on a black background.
    -How about adding some collectibles for those who want the highest score possible?
    -If you're gonna give each level a ending, how about making multiple levels that start introducing new concepts? Or just have an infinite runner game mode? Or both?
    -Is there ANY reason for it to be called "Outlaw"?
    --The level just kinda ends at 70...


    I think this is the first "infinite" runner game i've ever played on Flowlab (Edit: I just remembered DRIVE exists) and it's probably one of the best! It's pretty fun and challenging (At least before the wall of death at the end) and i'd say it's worth a play if you got some time to kill!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    Visuals - 2
    Sound - 3.5 (The music gets grating after)
    Controls - 3.5
    Stability - 5

    Final Score: 3.5/5.
    At least it's more stable then DRIVE.

    I don't know why i even bother putting these here when it's obvious to just fix the negatives. ~Crigence
  • edited February 2019
    Thanks @Crigence I am still working on it, right now I’m working on my new game Slaughter
  • edited February 2019
    Also @Crigence can you review Johnny again because I have added a new level and new introduction screen
  • edited February 2019
    @Johnny boy
    Sure, i'll re-review it when i get down the list!
  • I don't know if I already asked you this @Crigence but can you re-review Survive The Zamboodles when you can get to it? plz and thnx
  • @MagmaDude100
    Funny you mention that, as that's 3 reviews down in my list! I'll get to it VERY soon. trust me!
  • I hate to ask the community for help AGAIN but seeing as @rcreger has already given in i might as well join them:

    It's pretty obvious review requests are going down, WAY down since the first 3 pages of The Crigence Critique! And I've looked at my competition and they don't seem to be getting anyone that hasn't already came to me!

    So yeah, i'm asking for help: You got a friend who uses Flowlab and has a game: Please show them the Crigence Critique and ask them to send their game to me... Yeah i'm that desperate for more reviews.

    You can also help by just submitting any other games you currently have besides the ones you sent me!

    Thanks for reading, any help is appreciated! ~Crigence
  • It's not finished but is an online multiplayer game iv'e been working on.
  • @meburningslime
    PLENTY of people send me games that aren't finished, it doesn't matter! Thanks!
  • You are welcome. It's still playable, even without multiplayer, but pretty boring.
  • @Crigence I am going to put outlaw as a locked game mode in my new game (still a long way to go) Slaughter when I’m done you can review it
  • edited March 2019
    First game. It's a puzzle platformer. Would like some constructive criticism. Also I don't have room for a title. But take off points anyway.
  • There is some constructive criticism here, too, you know :lol:
  • @meburningslime

    Listen, i have a review ready for Kingdom Siege and well... It uses the Angry Video Game Nerd style and i don't know if you could take it well!

    Just give me the go ahead and i'll finally publish it!
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