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Game tips by Crigence

edited February 2019 in Game Design
Thanks to The Crigence Critique ( i play a LOT of games, and in those games: I also notice a LOT of common mistakes! So, i complied a list of every mistake i see and just general game tips:

*If a door isn't enterable or has nothing behind it, make that PERFECTLY clear!
*Please, please, PLZ make where you need to go and what you have to do obvious! Use arrows if you have too! (Unless it's a puzzle game, obviously)
*A control/how to play screen never hurt anybody!
*Actually, just try to convey as much information to the player as possible!
*If you're using the free version, follow my lead and use animations to make blocks which have a similar purpose across levels look different!
*Try to be original
*Don't use blocks to create text: Use the alert behavior!
*Don't give weak attacks a delay, just don't.
*Try to add sprinting in your game! The more movement options the better!
*Death animations are much better than enemies just disappearing!
*A good looking description is always a nice touch!
*I recommend small games if you're on free and large games if you're on Indie! And just don't buy school or studio unless you're one of those.
*Use other resources to improve the visuals of your game, use them to prototype (f.e.
*Learn about Story Boards to understand how to make an engaging game
*You can make a sound artificially louder by adding more of it and playing it all at the same time, 2-3 is all you should do!
*Avoid "Always's" as much as possible! Use switch's attached to 0 second timers instead!
*Either make the style bland, medium, or ultra-realistic. NEVER mix them!

Well, that's all i've got for now! If you know any good tips i missed, leave them in the comments and you'll get your name added to the credits and probably your tip added!

Remember: These are just general game tips and following them won't make your game perfect! For a in depth analysis to make your game better, go to the Crigence Critique and get your game reviewed!

And @grazer when you feel like it, some tips of your own or just feedback on the current tips would be nice!

Thanks for reading!


-Crigence: Creating and moderating this discussion
-GwyD: Providing 2 tips
-rcreger: Providing 3 tips (Only 1 was accepted :/)


  • @Crigence , when you use a level from another game, would it be taken from the game, or would it be just copied to your game?
  • lol, how about no?
  • edited January 2019
    Ignore those 2 up there, i had to make this discussion into a different one and you can't delete comments for some reason!
  • - Learn about Story Boards to understand how to make an engaging game
    - There are resources you can use to improve the visuals of your game, use them to prototype (f.e. )
    - text
  • Is there anymore stuff going to be on here, or is this just a statement to help people?
  • @rcreger
    Well, i put it up here so the community could basically make a massive list of tips for each other...

    Yeah it didn't turn out very successfully...
  • I mean, I could try :lol: This is actually a good idea @Crigence .

    All I have to say is try to make matching art. Don't make nice realistic art go with bland art, such as a 16-bit character go onto a plain blue square. Either make the style bland, medium, or ultra-realistic.

    Also, with that, try to have matching music. Don't have sci-fi music go with fantasy unless that sci-fi music sound very fantasy.

    And if you make a story game, or any game with any bit of story, I suggest trying to get information of ways to tell stories like I do. There are three main ways to do this: Dialogue between characters, the game just telling you the story, and through environment. There is also a more hidden one with how the character acts, though it would be hard to do in this, since you are what the character acts.

    That is all that I have to suggest right now. These are three things based on game design instead of programming. Maybe I'll do some of that later. Thanks!
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