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Flowlab vs Other game creators! (The Crigence Critique: Website Critique)



  • @meburningslime - yeah, I'm OK. Thanks for asking :) I've left some occasional forum posts, but not too much.

    @Crigence - Flowlab is just me for now. Also, thanks for the review. I realize that progress is painfully slow right now, and it probably looks like I'm not actually doing anything, but I'm working really hard on the HTML version that is upcoming. It's already way behind the schedule I had planned, but there are various problems with the Javascript conversion that I didn't foresee. Once it gets released I can revert to a much better cadence again, with smaller, quicker updates on a more regular schedule.

  • Hey @grazer so javascript is what you're using!

    Also, in a previous post you said you would be adding controller support. Don't take this as me trying to be the "Are we there yet?" guy but when is this happening? And are you making your own controllers or using someone else's?
    And because I have a chat ban right now, why dont I ask some other questions?
    I see it says "Status: Member" on my profile, but I was suprised to see that you are a member too! Are there other "current statuses"?
    Great... My ban just glitched and the timer restarted. I have a bug to report: Whenever I change a behaviour, even if it's NOT added to the behaviour list, it changes the original. Could you fix that plez?
    One last thing before I stop so you won't ban me permanently: Is cussing allowed? @Daniel Folston and @Crigence are kinda going over-the-top. I thought this was kid-friendly. :scream:
    Okay now I KNOW you're gonna ban me, but my chat ban just restarted AGAIN. Can you help me? The Terraria! game I made is still kinda laggy, could you please make the background able to send messages and do animations?
    Okay I just realized how long this is so i'm gonna stop... for now!
  • @meburningslime most controllers are in similar format, but most computers accept Xbox controllers, but just about anything will work if you find the driver for them.
  • ?????????
    @CrimsonBlackGames so controller support is already out?!?!
  • @meburningslime no, but I’m saying it probably won’t be too difficult to bring in controller support in the future, since a lot of controllers use a certain format of inputs.
  • I noticed interest in The Crigence Critique: Website Critique seems to have spiked up all of the sudden! If anyone has a free game-builder they want me to check out, just leave it here and i'll review it!
  • @meburningslime
    I don't think Flowlab is targeted towards any specific age range really
  • @Crigence ok but maybe if youd be a little less vulgar more people would be interested, I know I avoided you fer about half a year.
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