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  • thanks @rcreger, nearly all the art in the game is from I am only building the basic "gameplay" part of the levels, when I am finished I'l have a message at the beginning of each level explaining the objective and a bit of a story. I will repost my game here and probably at the crigience critique when it is done.
  • Sounds great @my_name (<_>) , can't wait when it is done! You mostly nailed the gameplay anyways (Though I believe the rotation could be a bit faster).

    And I usually always ask about the artwork, since I like nice looking games with smooth animations, since it helps visually for people to imagine the world the developer has made. Nice work!

    Here's my game, Only One Way (To Escape)
    It's like a maze so try to remember where you're going.
  • This was absolutely amazing @SomeGuy542 ! Wow, I haven't seen that many of these types of games on FlowLab, and it was a very pleasant experience (especially with the obvious high amount of work put into it!) This is what I thought about it:

    1) The first thing I notice is that it is was bird eye view, which is excellent for this game! And, of course, I liked how it looked, and if I liked how it looked, I always ask "Did you make the art yourself?" It's just a thing, because I love game art.
    2) ..Is this a Minecraft game? When I died, it said something like, "Steve was killed by a Creeper"...? Maybe put a little bit more info in the description. Speaking of description, you should also put in the controls in there, since had to figure them out.
    3) The menu was perfect! Really nice look with it, and with music. Well done!
    4) I like that the monsters don't immediately run at you, but is a downfall since it makes it a bit easy.
    5) Speaking of easiness, after a while, I started to not lose anymore health, even when I tried to.
    6) The set up of the GUI is really nice, but I also saw some labels in the editor. Are those going to be in-game?
    7) The animations are really nice, but sometimes they don't work going in some directions. Might want to check it out.
    8) Impressive that upon touching the torch, the screen lit up, it actually surprised me! Nice work with that! It feels like a very well thought game, with different pieces of game play.
    9) The ending scene was a bit strange, and a bit sudden. I wasn't sure what to think of it since it just started scrolling.
    10) There could be an even more variety of enemies, but it actually seems good with this game. I suggest probably adding a brighter enemy, or projects light, since the area is a bit dark. I think it would be a nice touch.

    One more thing that I am not putting in the review is the sounds.. Wonderful. I just thought this would just waste space in the review section, since I try to limit it to 10 things. But this game was really nice, and I really enjoyed playing (And very willingly gave it a like) . It would be even better with a dash of story within it.

    (Ratings out of 10) This game astonished me, and so I give this a very nice 8.5/10, even if it isn't complete, and found it very interesting. Even though I accomplished the objective of the game, there was probably even more that I didn't get to. I would like to see more animations, however, such as with the enemies. And maybe when you are attacking, an animation for that. But this has AMAZING potential, and I absolutely can not wait to see what you have next. If you have any updates fixing stuff (which there was not really any bugs, so maybe improve the game) you can resend your game and I could re-review it for a possible higher score. Thanks, this was fantastic!
  • Thank you very much.
    I did put a lot of effort into the overall game and it is getting a whole makeover with new items and enemies.
    I actually started thinking up a story behind it and I was going to remake the characters so they look a little more detailed for the setting.
  • Well, the second level is unfinished. (the game isn't finished overall except the 1st level)
    and i have been trying to make less objects as i can.
    1) each level will have different art styles (the second level isnt finished yet)
    2) I might have to delete the training grounds to make up space for objects IF there isnt much objects left.
    3) And the 1st (harder) level was going to be a test area. (good job at guessing!)

    Thanks for the critique @rcreger ! :D
  • One of my favorite games that i made. Please don't look at the code, there ARE secrets! I have a game similar to SomeGuy52's, only more of a jumpscare.
  • edited February 2019
    WHY lol
  • edited February 2019
    The game actually has 2 secrets. One is needed to to win the game, however.
    PS @Daniel Folston did you beat it yet?
  • Wasn't expecting to get this much suggestions at all, so thanks for sending!

    This next game I am reviewing is Starblast 3, suggested by @CrimsonBlackGames , and I can't say I haven't played this one first either, meaning I've already given it a like :lol: . But nonetheless, this is what I thought:

    1) I really like the menu of this game, very well done! But is it just me, or is there no sound to go along with it? The second menu has sound, is really nice as the options slide into the screen. I really liked that!
    2) It did lag a bit when I played it, but other than that, pretty smooth. Though it doesn't seem much in animation, in this design of the game, with the lighting, it fits perfectly!
    3) The look of the GUI bars are really neat and organised, and a pretty good idea of a game. Seems a bit like a smoothed out retro game.
    4) The cross hairs to fire the weapon is great instead of just clicking a button to fire, and helps a lot if a computer lags.
    5) When the.. Enemy cubes? explode, I found it really satisfying with the sudden blast of color. Really nice touch!
    6) I found the firing to be a bit off of the cross hairs for some reason.
    7) Very entertaining, even a bit overwhelming as all these enemies start popping up! (Just wondering, what is your high score?)
    8) The music is very exciting, suiting well for this game. The look of the game itself makes me think this isn't a FlowLab game at all, with how smooth it looks! Amazing!
    9) There is a lot of game modes and variety, and speaking of variety, there is a large amount of different enemies. It's good not having the same enemy appear over and over again.
    10) I like how the shop works, and all the different things you can do in it! Though, why do you not use points to buy things? What would the point of getting points then?

    Yet however, this game was still great and very enjoyable! Like I said before, even before I reviewed it, I already gave it a like. It is very unique in style, and has many qualities other games don't have, and some surprisingly great stuff, like those explosion affects.

    (Ratings out of 10) I don't know if this game is done or not, but I easily give this an 8.5/10, beyond a shadow of a doubt, especially since it's nearly almost done. Really nice affects, and the controls are really easy to get used to. Nice work, and keep on adding!
  • edited February 2019
    Well, this game was despicable @meburningslime . Evil Gameboy (or EVIL GAMEBOY) is definitely easy to remember, though there is some setbacks. This is what I thought:

    1) You should put in some of your own artwork and animations, make the game your own! Make it special, unique!
    2) The music.. What music is this? It reminded me of this one section in "Rayman: Origins" when they go into a Mexico themed place.
    3) There is some decent puzzles in here, especially when that sneaky block just disappeared from underneath me.
    4) After the first level, you are not able to see what gets you to the next level. Was this your intention?
    5) Why do blocks start spawning? This game is a bit confusing, since it is kind of just filled with things you'd learn off FlowLab put in random areas (in the first level).
    6) Sometimes in the second level I am not able to respawn for some reason.
    7) The obstacles get better when getting further into the game, and longer too, for the first level was just a bit too short..
    8) What is the story of this game? Why are you trapped in the beginning? Just a bit confused..
    9) By the third level, the enemy just immediately just walks to you.. Was I supposed to be prepared for that? Maybe make a barrier that disappears after a while, so the player gets to actually figure out what is happening.
    10) Maybe put a tutorial telling the player exactly what to expect, because I did not expect some of this stuff.

    You made some of the simple-seeming things in your game dangerous! Now I know why this is evil. I like the variety of traps laid out, and that they have different affects. But I'd wish you made some of your own artwork and animations, because it seems a bit lifeless without anything.

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a fine 7/10, since there is plenty room to improve. I don't know if you get the same "no-respawn" bug, but I did get it once while playing it. And, of course, ADD YOUR OWN ART, I like, and I'm sure others do too, different and unique styles in games. But, what you have here, has great potential, so don't waste it! Good luck! (And also, do you want me to review those other games you put on here? Thanks!)
  • Thanks a lot for the reviews! I will be sure to add some artwork, although the idea was it looks simple..
    The music is frkm the track Hyrule Circuit in Mario Kart 8.
    I will try to add a backstory. Thanks!
    The whole idea of the game is that you don't expect what will happen.
    The blocks that appear out of nowhere is from you touching a spawn block.
    How to beat Level One is that you jump over the wall, if you didnt figure it out already. :)
    Sorry about the No Respawn thing! A trap spawns blocks that use the Danger program, but doesn't have enough time before destruction to continue the game.
    Yes, if you have time, i would love if you review the others. Thanks for Favoriting my game!!!!
  • Oh, and one more thing... If you die, the music stops and.. well... let's just say the best and most famous scream ever just knocks you off your seat.
  • @meburningslime , this is in response of your previous comments:

    1) It can look simple, it just was a lot of the artwork given to you by FlowLab. Of course a game can be simple, as it could be part of the design.
    2) Sorry to tell you this, but I've never played Mario Kart (Any of them), so that would be why I didn't know. I know, I know, I'm a loser.
    3) Some of the review pieces are compliments on the game. This is in response of "The whole idea of the game is that you don't expect what will happen", and I had thought you were responding to a critique on a negative.

    That is all I'd like to state, and I'll get on reviewing your next game: Stick Adventure.
  • Alright, so I've got to it, @meburningslime ! This game, for one, looks more complete compared to the other you had sent to me (Don't get me wrong, still was good!) This is what I thought about it:

    1) Has similar look to A Stick Game by @nkbulider as of the look of the character and the animations. Did you take inspiration from it?
    2) The game seems to fit together in design. The background is no more sophisticated as the character, and the enemies are no more sophisticated as the character. Well done! Perfect match!
    3) You like this music, don't you? It seems to fit fine with it, but when listening to it, I think the color red. Maybe incorporate some warmer colors?
    4) I realized, when falling a certain distance, an animation comes on that looks a bit like a butterfly or moth. (Don't worry, I didn't look for any of your "secrets", so I didn't get to check the name of the animation. If you want, could you message me what it is?)
    5) The walk animation is a bit off, or stiff, as some of his body doesn't really move, and his arms really tight beside the character. Maybe it's a bit slow as well.
    6) I like the simple design, and how it is transparent in the character and enemies. Nice touch!
    7) Maybe put in a menu, or a message, to tell the player "why they are doing this", so they don't go off with no idea what they are doing :lol:
    8) Ladders are bit strange. It's like they make you levitate.
    9)This game was bigger than I had thought. Just when I thought I found everything, there would be a trampoline (Is that what it is?) and would send me flying to another part of the room. Really nice, it was enjoyable, and I've never seen that done before in FlowLab.
    10) For the GUI bars, I see that the bars don't reset after you die. I've had this problem before as well. You have to connect the GUI with a "Once" so that it would reset after you die, or go to another level.

    This was surprisingly (Don't take it the wrong way) nice, and very large, and very entertaining. This is what I mean by some unique design, even if it is simple. You've put in a lot of the stuff from A Stick Game (Or did @nkbulider get the idea from you..) and made it, in a way, your own. Especially with that music, that is a different type of unique.. :lol:

    (Ratings out of 10) I'll give this one a 7.5/10, and you will definitely at least get an 8 to an 8.5 if you fix some of the stuff.. Easily. I'm surprised as of what this game offered, and clearly one of your best. This game deserves more recognition. Very well done!
  • edited February 2019
    Thank you very much! The music, i thought, was different from the Evil Gameboy. I will fix that! And lol, @nkbulider inspired ME. When he got amazing reviews, I wanted some too! ;)

    The ladders were pretty hard to do, and the levitating ladders trick is supposed to help you move around easier. I will try to update the animations. The animation for fallinf is supposed to look like you are skydiving. Did you find all the energy? Did you find the boss? And what the Mystery Block does?
  • So, onto @meburningslime 's "House of Holloween!". This seems to me to be one of your smaller games (I completed it, so I'm very proud of myself :lol: ). This is what I had thought about it:

    1) First thing I notice is that this one has a neat loading screen! Really nice!.. Wait, a menu too? You should try to put a menu in your other games as well!
    2) The sounds are a bit strange, as the ghost makes hawk/bird noises? And why is it that you are only dodging the ghost? Those pumpkins are even creepier in my opinion! They keep on giving me this weird look.
    3) Most of this art is pretty nice with a slight 3D affect. But there is something a bit off with that table. I'm pretty sure it is because the pixels are much larger than they are compared to the other objects.
    4) The GUI bar is much better than a label saying : "Keys: 1 out of 3", thanks for not doing that!
    5) The players movements act like he is in space. Do you think you can make the physics seem more realistic?
    6) It is pretty small, but it seems like it was meant to be a mini-game or something.
    7) That ghost really trails really well, and is very devastating when you realize a room is a dead end..
    8) This game isn't really scary, but it makes you want to win, like if you'd died, you'd say, "Noooo!' instead of, "Oh.. Oh well." Great job!
    9) The death alerts could be a little bit more creative.
    10) I just thought it would be nice if the floor had a tile or something, just to make it a bit less bland instead of a plain grey

    (This is in response of @meburningslime 's previous comment) Yeah, I wasn't able to find everything, and I wasn't going to go into the editor because you asked me not too. And the animation, honestly, looks like a butterfly.. I thought you meant it as an Easter Egg if you were to fall that far :lol: . Review continues below:

    Well, this is more of a fixer upper, since some of the stuff just doesn't feel right. But the design is nice, with a semi-3D affect, and some pretty nice sprites. Come to think of it, maybe add an animation to the character, or maybe give him a name.

    (Ratings out of 10) I honestly didn't really like playing this as much as the other two you sent, but I give this a 6/10. It just needs a bit of fixing, but the physics just get a bit annoying, and some of the sounds are a bit strange. But, great effort, and something can work with this! Can't wait to see what you got for this game!
  • Thanks for the review! The space effect was from the last physics drag update, but I managed to fix it.
  • Oh, and thank you! my friend keeps on telling me the pumpkins are CUTE!!!!
  • edited February 2019
    Ya know, just in case you aren't already upset about me spamming games.\

    @rcreger please try Terraria wiht HTML version. It still crashes if I play normal mode, too. I'm editing a comment because I'm in multiple chat groups, and therefore I have a Spam Ban! @grazer ...
  • I've had problems with Terraria V3.3 before @meburningslime , but I'm going to try to actually play it. Though you have stated you have fixed the lag, it hasn't been really working for me. I will let you know if it works or not, if it works, there will be a review, if not, then only a comment. I'll do my best, and thanks!
  • edited February 2019
    I am afraid @meburningslime , that for some reason, my Chrome crashed. It has only crashed for this specific game, and has never done it before. I am sorry for the inconvenience, even I was looking forward to it. But when I tried, it kind of froze, with only a white screen, with music playing. Sorry, but if there is any other suggestions, I will gladly take them.
  • edited February 2019
    Hey @Simple_doge5 , I think it is actually a good idea to have different art styles, and it would make sense if the level isn't finished (To be honest, it didn't look finished) and can't wait what you come up with. Good luck, and I hope everything works well!

    And, that is great, @SomeGuy542 , like for @Simple_doge5 , I hope everything turns out okay, since I'd like to see what you make! Good luck!
    Just tell me to stop if i'm spamming. I already got a ban!
    PS if you didn't read above, I can only access terraria with HTML, not normal play. Just add ?v=html to put it to that mode, thanks!
  • i'm just so excited you think highly of my games!
  • Do you think you could put a link with the HTML already on it? I had tried it twice, and it doesn't seem to be working for me @meburningslime .
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