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  • Hey, if you want me to, @nkbulider , I could give your game, A Stick Game, a review if you like.
  • Sure thanks
  • edited February 2019
    First thing I think is that "This game needs more likes!", @nkbulider ! (Of course I already gave it one) Here is my thoughts about it:

    1) Well, the play button looks a bit weird, but it seems like it is the style of the game, as even the title is like this. If that is what you were going for, great job!
    2) Thank, oh thank you for putting the objective in the game! I would usually either have to go into the description or have to figure it out.
    3) This has some sick animations(Especially the "laser shoot" animation)! But I also realized that it seemed a bit lifeless when you weren't moving. I suggest you make an idle animation, or some animations for the background.
    4) I'm not sure why you made the space bar the jump, but it is easy to get used to.
    5) In the first level, there seems to be not really a variety of enemies. I had also seen you don't have any more objects, which is a shame, since I would have liked to see more enemies.
    6) There is some decent sound affects, but that punch noise is a bit too loud and over-dramatized.
    7) The artwork is pretty nice, with a lot of realism with it, and the clouds are very unique in art style. Great job!
    8) A lot of these animations look like they've had a lot of work put into them, from the character to those energy ball recharge's. Excellent work with those!
    9) Enemies are actually pretty deadly, and make a good foe, even though there are limited enemies.
    10) You made some fantastic puzzles for this game. Well done! (Though I wish there was more of a story put along with it).

    Well, this is the first time I've asked to review something, mainly because I was getting to the end of the list, and I wanted something to do, so thank you for letting me! I thought this was overall good, and I honestly think this should be one of the front page games!

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this an 8.5/10, since you are also getting it reviewed by @Crigence as well. I have also played this game before as well. I can't wait of what else you do with it! Thank you for letting me review, and good luck!
  • Marvel: the avengers infinity wars was the greatest crossover ever!

    me: The crigence review, bored reviews, Game review and slimes review!
  • edited February 2019
    @Simple_doge5 Maybe we could all make a game together?
    ...And maybe slay a purple evil shrek along the way?
  • Hey @Toddt , couldn't wait to review your game (Star Wars Survival). This is what I thought about it (Or "How I would make it better):

    1) The menu is great, and very nice in design. But some music to go along with this will help out a LOT more.
    2) The "Game Over" screen is really nice! Fits the style of the game very well.
    3) I like how there is some different enemies with different styles, but I realized there is no sound in this game. Having sound will help a lot!
    4) The artwork is pretty nice and suits well, and nothing does not fit with the style.
    5) Some animations for the enemies will give this game a better sense of life.
    6) The description of the game is good, but do you think you could also put instructions in-game as well (I only say this because I know a lot of people don't feel like looking at the description)
    7) It is a bit hard to click will also moving around, to be completely honest. But there is no bugs, as far as I have seen.
    8) Really nice that you put the score you got at the bottom of the "Game Over" screen. Many other games only reveal it in the menu.
    9) A way to change your skin of it change when damage is dealt to you would be nice.
    10) Some movement in the menus would be really nice. You can check out Starblast 2 by @CrimsonBlackGames to see what I mean.

    It is pretty good, and can keep you occupied (As it is an ongoing game till you die) as you try to beat your last high score. The art is suitable for this game, and very nice work! I've seen other games like this, but you definitely added in bits and pieces that improved it!

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a solid 7/10, only because it lacked of some sound/noise and some more animations, especially for the enemies. Other than that, very nice work! Good luck!
  • @meburningslime .. A purple Shrek? Do those exist? I want to find one :lol: !
  • @rcreger most of these problems are here because i have a free account... It limits me. I only have 50 objects to work with so i cant fix the enemies verity. Thanks for the review though! It helps alot!
  • edited February 2019
    Oh, I understand this is a free account @nkbulider . That is why I said that I had saw you didn't have any more objects, and that it was "a shame", since there could have been so more more to be added with this! (Even though you couldn't add more objects, you still deserved that 8.5/10, which is still pretty high!)

    Great job, though! It is an excellent game!
  • thanks bro
    For now the game is DONE. It will receive more updates if i buy a idie account but for now... its over.
  • Well, though it seems sad (In the way you put it :lol: ) , the game still does feel complete. Great work @nkbulider !
  • edited February 2019
    i hope to add more endings soon
  • Good luck @nkbulider ! I hope everything works out!
  • Isnt purple shrek the Infinity war villain? I'm confused.
  • ..No @meburningslime . I'm not sure if you are being serious or not :lol: , but it's a dude named Thanos that is the main antagonist (He is an alien).
  • edited February 2019
    Ive seen it lol

    I thought he looked like shrek
  • edited February 2019
    I was a little worried @meburningslime :lol:

    Oh, and if you have any more games you would like to be reviewed, just let me know! I finally finished the list (And I'm getting bored again.. Bored Reviews, get it :lol: )
  • Uh oh.... the jokes of boredom are coming out!
    PS try the Adventures of Derpy trilogy: just keep in mind I WANT to use the flowlab sprites, because believe it or not other sites use the same sprites, and will therefore be more popular if people see them.
  • edited February 2019
    I'll keep it in mind @meburningslime ! Thanks for sending another! I'll get at least one of them out today.
  • The first game of THE ADVENTURE OF DERPY by @meburningslime . This game is meant to be default in design, so I won't put any scoring against it. Here are my thoughts:

    1) You did change some things, I have noticed, to the designs. But they seem to all be improvements! It is just that the logs look a lot more realistic than the rest of the game.
    2) There is no menu though, and not much in music. Do you think you could add both of these?
    3) The affect of when touching a spike and it pushing you away is actually good! So now you don't just run up to it and get damaged over and over from touching it once. Good idea!
    4) I realized that sometimes the coins get misplaced, and the "bats" start moving them around..
    5) The puzzles are great! Especially when you used the logs in them. They're actually great!
    6) The game lacks story. Neither does it tell use that this is Derpy we are playing as. Just give it some more in-game information.
    7) The gameplay is fun, especially with putting in the double jump.
    8) I see that most of the objects are movable. Is this what you intended?
    9) Who are you going against, or the main antagonist, in this game?
    10) Adding a few more objects, such as clouds, or more trees, would be nice. Maybe some more animations (Speaking of animations, the character movement animation is a bit slow).

    I do have to say, this needs more work than your other games. It just seems a bit bland (Not in any means the design) in the story. It just feels a bit like a platformer that you have no real idea of what to do. There is, however, some great parts within some of the strategy with moving around logs and trying to get all those coins, and the bounce when touching a spike. Great job on those parts!

    (Ratings out of 10) This could be a lot better, so I give this a 5.5/10. It just needs some serious improvements. I'll play your next game next, but good luck! Hopefully everything works out, and if there is any questions, leave them below!
  • edited February 2019
    Here is the second game in THE ADVENTURE OF DERPY trilogy: Dimension Battle by @meburningslime . This review will be a little different, as it isn't much too different as the previous. So the previous will also apply to this one. Here is what I had thought:

    1) I like the different look of the ground and some objects in this level. Great work!
    2) I can't say enough how great it is how you used those logs in the way you play the game. I love them! Movable objects should be in more FlowLab games.
    3) Sometimes moving characters stop moving when running into each other.
    4) Some of the see-through blocks placed with the ground blocks don't fit in with it. Could you make the form more believable?
    5) How do you defeat the enemy that spawns enemies? (Actually, how you made that enemy shows some great variety, it is actually a pretty good idea!)

    I liked this one a little better because there was a bit more creativity with it. And the logs were always a good touch in gameplay.

    (Reviews out of 10) I give this an 6.5/10, because the creativity definitely helped out a lot. One last suggestion: Add music and more sounds. Good luck! This game can go somewhere, just put in the effort and you'll create a pretty good trilogy! If any questions, leave them in the space below.
  • This is the final game of THE ADVENTURE OF DERPY : Sky Saga by @meburningslime . Like the previous review and the one before, this one will only consist of 5, as the game has the same things within it (Though feel like completely different games) Here is what I had thought:

    1) I like how you add something new within each of these games! Though, where did they Sky Islands come from? Need a bit more story.
    2) I'm sorry to say, it feels a bit like the games have been a bit repeated within each other. They, of course, have differences like Sky Islands, but I feel like there should be more.
    3) Of course, music.
    4) The puzzles and obstacles, however, never fail! You are really good at making these.
    5) Maybe some directions to some of these Sky Islands, since I didn't really have a clue.

    Like I said, a bit repetitive, but overall had potential within this trilogy. It needs more story, especially if it is a trilogy, so the player asks "What is going to happen next?". Very nice work, however, with the puzzles, though they required some music backdrop.

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a 6/10, as, honestly, was still more interesting than the first one of the trilogy. I just wish some more time was put into it. It just felt like it was a bit rushed for a trilogy. I wish you the best of luck, and that everything works out! Definitely improve this! It has potential, and you already made three games for it!
  • Thanks! This was one of my first games, and from what I hear is that it's outdated. The main antagonist is the black derpy! The goal is to kill him in every level. I will definetly revisit this game and upadte it! Thanks.
  • Hi @rcreger, this is @Polarbeer2019, I'd like you do a review for my game D-day, you've recently posted on my page and I'm very thankful to you. Find my game at
  • This game has a good future ahead of it @Polarbeer2019 ! This is the first time I had played this game, and I like trying new things. This is what I thought about it:

    1) The music fits with the theme of the game, but the sound affects should be a bit deeper, especially with the title being "D-Day". And also about setting the tone, maybe make the background more of a grey or black.
    2) One thing I noticed is that the character stops sometimes when going "left". That is because you didn't set that key on "repeating". An easy fix. Also, maybe try adding some more animations, especially to the coins.
    3) Fitting in the control category, you seem to be able to jump infinitely. Try looking at some of the FlowLab examples by @grazer so you can make it so you can't fly anymore. You can also look at the games I made since I had to fix the same thing before with A Little Evil. You can also look there for examples.
    4) Try to find a way to tell us as a player of what is dangerous and what is not, maybe an in-game message?
    5) Some of the puzzles, such as pushing the lever to get rid of the blocks, are pretty good. Honestly, I haven't even tried to make anything like that yet, neither with having to get a key to open the door.
    6) When you finish the demo, you should make it so that you restart the game. Or you could also make a good menu. I suggest you make a menu when entering the game, and when exiting (Can be the same menu) so that you have a chance to retry. And when you die, you also go to the menu, since it is a demo.
    7) Some more animations for some other objects, maybe enemies would be good.
    8) I like the jump, which I don't see in too many games. Great job!
    9) Maybe some differences in gameplay, such as an attack, or sprint? (For both you can look at my game, A Boy in Armor, if you are unsure how to do it).
    10) The reason why the first coin may equal to may be because that the coins are very close together. I had the same problem too, but it would minus down coins.

    This is a new game, and obviously a demo, so definitely needs work done with it. But it still has potential and can go somewhere. I'm not sure how I can score it due to it being pretty unfinished as it is, but I'll try, and try to read the whole scoring.

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a 4.5/10, only because it is still to develop something special and of its own for the game. It needs something that will tell the player that this is "D-Day", and not just some other game. Give it some spice, some seasonings, some artistic license. Change things up. I'm sorry for the score, but it just needs something more. I do wish the best of luck, because you've got the basic stuff down that just need some fixes. When you get more into it, I'll be happy to review it again! Good luck, and I hope every thing works out for you!
  • It did seem a little outdates @meburningslime , I just didn't mention it since I didn't know if you just made it :lol: , hence would be rude.
    Welcome back to the Wasteland! About 10 years after the events of Fallout 4, a soldier from the Great War has just woke in this time. Renaming himself Anarchy, as he is against the government figure who is now, Robert House. If you want a better view into the story of my concept, here ya' go:
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