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  • edited February 2019
    Sure thing @JR 01 ! Just hopefully people post more games for me to review, or this will be a flop.

    Good luck!
  • Your favorite game from Learning Acrobatics With Knifes Studios (L.A.W.K.S).
    W, Space bar, Or up arrow, to jump.
    R to restart level. (If you get stuck then it automatically after awhile, but you should just press R)
    On the main menu there is a icon in the top left to reset your save, top right to go to shop.
    Click your character to go to the main menu.
    there's only 5 levels at the moment.
    (I know this is just a copy and paste from my original post)
  • Thank you, oh thank you @ToastMaster64 ! I need game to review so that I can get ready for next weeks Game of the Week! This game honestly has a shot, too! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Nice intro for the L.A.W.K.S. logo! Very nice!
    2) Menu is well done, and fits very well! And the sound affects, such as the bird noises, are perfect!
    3) Very nice shop! I like how you can upgrade gameplay, but some skin options would be nice too.
    4) What I realized is that the gameplay will be much better with a timer counting down on the screen to tell you to get ready.
    5) Very fun gameplay, but feels cut short in each level. Could you make them a bit longer?
    6) I like how the style changes, when boulders are added, and those hidden passages in level 3, very nice work!
    7) I'd suggest change some of the look of the character and some of the objects to make it more original. I know you changed the character look, but looks a lot like the default.
    8) The different controls you are able to use is very nice for people who have different styles. Nice work!
    9) Very sneaky fourth level, making some of those blocks disappear.. Wasn't expecting that :lol: Very nice obstacles, and makes you have to memorize where those are. I haven't seen many games on FlowLab do that, nice work!
    10) Very good that you made the levels get harder and harder throughout, very impressive!

    A very nice runner! Just would be better if infinite.. There is much creativity in the gameplay, so much that it is impressive! This game actually surprised me, as I had thought it would have been rushed. But, however with the creativity with the obstacles, some of the art is lacking, and some sound affects, such as the coins, don't fit into the mood or scene. But overall, very impressive.

    (Ratings out of 10) I'll give this a decent 7/10, because, of course, stuff has to be fixed. A visible timer would help a lot to tell the when to go and be ready. Maybe a marker where the boulders drop? But the obstacles, magnificently perfect work! I wish you luck, and keep on working on it! Thanks!
  • edited February 2019
    @rcreger Thank you for the suggestions! I will take them into account when developing my game! The game in barley finished so and I update it everyday so more features will be added soon!
  • im sorta new to this and im only on free edition, but i hope u like it.
  • It is a very nice start @ToastMaster64 , so good luck! I can't wait to see how this works, and is very nice! I was stunned of the stuff you put in this game (In a good way, of course). Good luck!
  • ..You're new to this @Creeper Bones ? Some of this stuff I didn't figure out till WAY later, so congratulations with this! Wow, I was expecting it to look different, especially you saying you were new, but this is really a FANTASTIC start! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Stunning menu! These physics are very good, and this fits and looks SO good! I haven't even played it yet!
    2) Sweet transition from menu to level! I don't even know how to do that! and the respawn, for some reason, looks beautiful for some reason :lol:
    3) When you die and the screen slides back to the beginning... Magnificent.
    4) The rotation with the cube is a very nice touch! Great work!
    5) Very nice obstacles! And difficulty is nice! Not to mention, great description!
    6) I actually like the animation for the spikes. All in all, the art is fantastic! All of it fits together!
    7) So, this might be the only thing I'd suggest since I'm just praising you for all of your other work, a death animations would be neat with this.
    8) Wait, actually, I forgot to check the sound. There is no sound or sound affects. Add music at the least, and maybe a jump affect.
    9) The logo is very well done! And you can be slightly be entertained by it, too.
    10) A more variety of obstacles would be nice, but with what I got right now, it seems great!

    Very nice job! Absolutely stunning (You can put that in the description of your game, "Absolutely stunning!" -Bored Reviews :lol: )! Very nice art, very nice gameplay, just needs some sound, or an extra animation or two. It was hard to find something wrong about it, which says something!

    (Ratings out of 10) You sure you're new? Because you just got and 8.5/10 on your game! I'm am very impressed, and if you can make a FlowLab game look like that, keep on doing what you are doing! I wish you luck, and great work! I want to see more of this game, so keep going! Thanks!
  • Hey @rcreger here’s Intestinal Fortitude for your reviewing pleasure. For some reason my counter stopped working on the tech-node tally. But I had it working at one point I just have to figure out what got disconnected. Thanks for taking the time to play and evaluate :)
  • edited February 2019
    Thanks for letting me review @todorrobot ! I've got 3 games now to put into Game of the Week, but keep on rolling them in! This was fun to do! Here is what I thought:

    1) Decent menu, but there's no sound? At least put music.
    2) I like the "how to play", and is that thing you drive in new? The animations are amazing for it!
    3) Have you updated some of these animations and sprites? Like I said, they look amazing!
    4) I like how original your games are! Is this still going off of Nina Nano, like a spin-off?
    5) Great variety of enemies, and they're all different. Very nice work!
    6) Some of those acid/water effects are a bit messy compared to the neatness of the intestine look.
    7) Upon entering intestine 2, it makes me disappear. Is that supposed to happen?
    8) I'm confused as what the second level is supposed to be. It kind of is impossible to pass, even when I went into the editor. Is it not finished, or is it just me?
    9) It lacks in a bit of story, but I also have to remember that this was made in a week.
    10) The "how to play" is very helpful! Thanks!

    This was a game made in a week, so I will keep that in account, and even so, very well done! I've always liked Nina Nano, and this is almost going up to it. It, of course, needs some fixes, but it was made in a WEEK for goodness sake!

    (Ratings out of 10) I'll give this a 6.5/10 just out of the potential this has. You must let me re-review when you add more updates and added more to it. It seems almost like a mini-game than actual game, but the art is good, animations great, but lacks in both story and some length of game. Also some of the gameplay had some glitches. If this wasn't made in a week, then the rating would be a bit lower. Just add some more, some music to the menu, and that'd be great! Good luck and thanks!
  • I remember when you reviewed my game @rcreger : "you could have put more effort in it" (I don't mean to sound mean, or sassy but) I wish games would show when they were first made because that game has been in development for what, almost or over 2 years? (didn't mean to sound rude, just that I have put a lot of effort in that game (Survive the Zamboodles (on the first page)))
  • @rcreger thanks! All valid points. I forgot I’d left intestines 2 in there. My son made that level using my sprites. Yes, Nina’s Nano-buggy is brand new. I was originally going to do a mech walker for her, but the animations were too hard to do in a week. I also lost a lot of time trying to add checkpoints and totally failed :( so I had to scrap them for the time being. There are sprites for an even bigger boss tapeworm for the end but the boss patterns got too complicated and scrapped that too. It will all get cleaned up once it is incorporated into the main Nina Nano game. :) thanks again for reviewing!!
  • @rcreger thank you so much 4 the review! i was really scared you were not going to like it. thanks!
  • i will be doing sound and sound effect really soon!
  • I meant no offense @MagmaDude100 , sorry that the review was harsh. My disposition has changed since then, and I would like to re-review it for you, if you'd like, of course! Thanks!
  • thank you and yes @rcreger I would like it re-reviewed
  • Play my game, I think its the only one like it on Flowlab (at least as I have seen)

  • Well, first thing I'd like to say is, what was the first score I gave this @MagmaDude100 ? This definitely deserves better! Here is what I thought:

    (This is a re-review, but will consist of 10 comments)
    1) I like the collecting you do in the open-world situation, very fun!
    2) Not much change in art, but is still fitting. I don't know why I judged so hard on it, maybe I was forgetting the other styles there was.
    3) Sometimes the gun doesn't point the right way, and when running against walls, it can make you move diagonally without moving, till you press a key.
    4) Floating chairs? It actually looks cool with the slight 3D affect, but there is a booth, I think, sitting in the middle of the desert? What?
    5) These meme's.. Gotta love 'em.
    6) The cactus with the shadow with it makes the desert even more pop with the 3D affects! Maybe you should do something like that for the tree's in the first level.
    7) The story isn't all there, and it would be cool to find more NPC's to talk to so you can learn more of what happened here.
    8) You should add an "objective arrow" that points to where you have to go, since I've gotten lost several times (dessert) and had no clue where to go in the vastness you made :lol:
    9) Where'd all the zombies come from?! Sorry, they were all just huddles up next to the survivor in the dessert.
    10) It sucks that it has to end there. It would have been cool you would have tried to find a way to stop the thing that was causing all of that.

    Thanks for letting me re-review, and it did need more than just five comments for this re-review, since this game was massive, and I still haven't seen all of it! It was enjoyable, even while getting lost! Because when getting lost, you seem to find something new! That is another suggestion, maybe side quests? I know you are limited, but I hope everything works out!

    (Ratings out of 10) I'll give this a happy 7.5/10, based on my ridiculously low score previously, I must have been having a bad day :lol: Sorry for that inconvenience, but this should be the proper score which should have, to be honest, been there the whole time. I hope this clears some of this up, and I wish you luck! (Maybe you could replace some of those meme's with some other NPC's for side quest's to fight some zombies to free another NPC survivor? Just a suggestion.) Thanks again, and good luck!
  • Well, I got to play another infinite game, and it does not let down @my_name (<_>) ! I really enjoyed this one, and very creative! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Very unique gameplay! Though I didn't know what to do at first. Maybe make a tutorial section?
    2) I like have to use different combinations of keys to play this, and it spawning in different orders (If you use spawning, I really didn't check)!
    3) I like how it speeds up a little in the beginning. And the animations, though default suit well. Though you should think about changing them eventually. However, the color scheme works.
    4) A better menu should be in reach, though the menu gives you an idea of what to do.
    5) There is no sound or music. That should be the first thing to add after reading this.
    6) The explosion animation is really cool :lol: But since when did one-eyed bats explode?
    7) I like how you show the final score at the end of each game, it shows a sense of accomplishment for the player. Great job!
    8) Maybe you should make different levels of difficulty as well, making the bars a different amount of space apart, slow down or speed up the speed, etc.
    9) It is very enjoyable, and feels like a game that could be published and be played a lot!
    10) Make a shop, so you can use those points. Also, make it so the points collect, you the points your earn save up to get something from the shop. Just a suggestion.

    Wow, very nice, and very fun! It kind of reminded me of a mix of Guitar Hero and Flappy Bird, as you pressed the keys in time to get to the next part, going up and down to get in between.. Pillars? Maybe also add coins, make the player take a risk. And like I said, a lot of fun.

    (Ratings out of 10) This is an easy 7.5/10, as it goes on forever and several moments of enjoyment, but it still does need some work some other stuff, but mainly with some sounds an music, such as menu music, game music, going up and down affects, those gates opening up when pressing the arrow key, making a different sound when pressing the wrong arrow key, death FX, etc. Maybe some new art further down the line, but what you've got here, massive potential! Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you come up with! Amazing!
  • How could I not like it @Creeper Bones ? The game a beautifully made! All it really needed was some sound, or music, or just put in some sounds for jumping, hitting a spike and respawning. But, amazing work. Very good game! It is definitely a competitor for Game of the Week here. Good luck!
  • I had almost forgot @Crigence , thank you for mentioning me in your Crigence Critique! We are all here to help each other... Right?

    But I try my best to keep it as polite as possible, and trying not to scare people off, or casting grudges. This, however, may have not been strongly established in my earlier reviews, but it did not get out of hand, it was just not as constructive for the developer as it is now. At least 2-3 of my reviews had been with pure criticism instead of constructive criticism (Sorry @MagmaDude100 ). But thanks, and good luck!
    Pls RevieW This EPIC journey of The Pink Guy
  • That name is almost as ingenious as my "Adventures of Derpy: the Sky Saga"! :lol:
  • Hey @Andrejs , this isn't anything about The Pink Guy. The title is "Dream Memories". Is this the right game? If not, check the link and please fix it. Thanks!
  • Wait, you want me to both @meburningslime , right?
  • Yes your highness

    I can resist anything but temptation.
    I just broke the world. If the world ends, then there is nothing...
    If there is only nothing, is nothing a something????
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