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  • On Cube Survival, don't touch anything for 10 seconds.
  • I'm not sure what you meant for the thing about the "nothing is something" thing, but I'm still going to get both reviews out! Thanks @meburningslime !
  • Now, for Ship Survival @meburningslime . I feel like I did review this before, since there is already a like on it, but I will still treat this like a normal review (Mainly because I'm too lazy to go and check :lol: ) Here is what I thought:

    1) First off, maybe add a menu? That would be great for this game, as you could make a shop where you buy skins and stuff.
    2) I like the box in the top right that indicates your health without using a bar or numbers, which I think is very original, and very nice for this. Nice job!
    3) I like the overhead look, and the difficulty of the enemies are good. But some variety of the enemies would be even better. I suggest making a stationary turret that fires beams or bullets.
    4) After destroying almost all of the enemies that I could reach, I didn't know what to do. Maybe put an objective that changes in the corner?
    5) Speaking of the enemies, some are outside of the ship, which is why I said I couldn't reach some of them. Others where in rooms that I couldn't get into.
    6) Very enjoyable gameplay! Was very fun, but some objective orientation will help out us as a player a lot.
    7) Maybe put the controls in the description, and the reason why you are doing this.
    8) Though I hadn't really died, some health packs for this first level would be nice.
    9) I think it is nice you show us the amount of kills we got in the game.
    10) The music seems to fit, but some gun affects would make it even better. Speaking of affects, I've realized the game lacked in animations. If you could, add a few.

    It was very fun to play, and very enjoyable! It seems like you have added more on to it since I've last played it, and it had the same good feeling. I'm still very impressed by the block that changed color due to the amount of your health. But there is just a few suggestions that I had put in here, especially since it was hard to figure out what to do in the game.

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a 7.5/10, and I know I have been giving a lot of 7.5/10's, but it is because these are just very close in rating, though their genres completely different (Boy, this Game of the Week is going to be tough!). But it really needs a menu, and some more player freedom. Maybe some side quests, NPC's to talk to, etc. But this game was definitely one of your best! If you can get it in in time, I could re-review it to see if it can get a better score for Game of the Week (Past Game of the Weeks listed in description). I usually get the Game of the Week announcement by Wednesday of the following week of the sent games, so good luck, and thanks!
  • Hey thanks! I think you were just unlucky, try playing the game again. The positions of the enemies are randomized, and you CAN win the game. There are 2 rooms that you cant't get in to. One is for show, the other is a secret...
    Don't cheat!
    Thanks again! Your review was super different than @microgamer1 's! You liked the game before because you were there when a couple other people reviewed it. Thanks again!
    The second sentence is false. The first sentence is true.
  • Win the game by killing enemies, you were SUPER unlucky.
  • And now for Cube Survival, also by @meburningslime ! The title is actually what it is in the game, so great job with that! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Decent menu, but once that cube jumps out of screen, it gets a bit boring. Maybe make something to spawn cubes so one cube is on the screen at a time? And on subject of menu, maybe make a shop, since that would be great on a cube based game.
    2) Music seems to fit with this. Nice work!
    3) Very fun gameplay! But would be better if there was a timer displayed so it would play automatically after the time is out, so the player has to be ready.
    4) Uh.. Why did Fire Mario pop up in the menu now?
    5) The gameplay, though is fun, feels boring after a while. Maybe some power ups would spice it up?
    6) That disappearing and reappearing cube enemy is genius! Great job!
    7) That is one big cube.. Nice variety in enemies!
    8) What is the objective of the game? Maybe put that in the description or in-game.
    9) The plain look fits pretty good for this, but some animations would make this better still.
    10) I realized the background was a bit bland. Maybe put something there, I don't know what, but that would be your decision.

    It needs some more stuff to it, that is my conclusion. Add more stuff for the player to explore, like in some of your other games, you went out to explore and find new things. It has potential, but this isn't the final product.

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a 5.5/10, because it just needs more to it. For the things for the player to do, especially in gameplay (Maybe a sprint, or you can fire something), it fell a bit flat. It had good components, of course, but the downfalls made it have its.. Well, downfall. But, like I said, has potential, and would be much fun once more is added, so keep on working! Good luck, and thanks!
  • Announcement!

    I haven't really given an exact time as of when I would give out the Game of the Week, but I will tell you it is in a span from the next weeks Sunday to its Wednesday, unless I am on a vacation from this. It has been much fun playing all of your games and giving suggestions on how to make them even better!

    Never give up, keep on trying, if it doesn't work, do it again, again, and again
  • I guess it broke and I wasnt going to say this but... the reason the game menu is so bland is that after 10 seconds of waiting the game is SUPPOSED to activate an easter egg where everything is smash bros. Themed. Do the same fer the in-game round.
  • This is a beta game, but I think i needed something cringy to wake me up (oh wait, I thought that was @Crigence 's job)!
  • edited March 2019
    Okay thanks @meburningslime ! That would be sneaky, but I didn't see that till after the review was out, so thank you for clearing it up! Thanks again!

    And speaking of clearing things up, thank you for telling me this is beta. Sorry if the review was "cringy" :lol:
  • for Ship Survival (I think I'm thinking of the right on) you can just press against the wall and shoot through it
  • Hey @rcreger
    I've added sound, it's not final but I added some music, Spick death sound, jump sound, shooter death sound and a DEATH animation. Also when loading up the game you get greeted with a bit of an "creeper bones presents" stuff also I added a button at the start manly for testing the level (will be removed) if you die after pressing it you will tp to the new level stuff. The sound volume might be messy btw. I'm hoping to get a paid subscription to take my game to the next level (skin shops Maybe!)
    Anyway just thought I'd tell you!
    Creeper bones out!
  • Man, saying @Creeper Bones out is pretty "Spick"
  • Ok it's like 11 at night for me so I should go to bed now. (Also Sorry I'm a cringe machine.)
  • Its good m8, 11 at night for me too, but I'ma stay up
  • @MagmaDude100 I'm not a healthy person but I need to sleep so, goodnight!!
  • @MagmaDude100 I know, i'm gonna fix that.
  • edited March 2019
    Hello @rcreger
    I've been working on Temple Runner Retro (trademarked) and I would like a re-review!

    Updates include:

    Hope you like it and like reviewing it!

    - Sincerely L.A.W.K.S Chief Executive Officer, ToastMaster.

    P.S. Apology if there's any bad grammar/punctuation I'm writing this at 2:00 A.M.

    Edit: If you want to test the upgrades without grinding to get them, Here's a money cheat code, WW, SS, AD, AD, AB, ENTER.
  • @ToastMaster64
    WHY ARE YOU UP AT 2!?!?
  • Can you review this game? .3.
    (sorry if it's a bit too hard later on..)
  • @meburningslime Why are you up at 2:58 A.M.?
  • Shhhh...
  • Thanks for sending! I've been away for a while, so I'm going go through these comments one by one.

    1) Thanks for letting me know @MagmaDude100 !
    2) Thanks for telling me all of these updates! I can't wait to get to it and see how it is!
    (Some other comments between you guys)
    3) I will do that re-review for you @ToastMaster64 once I get to it.
    4) And review that game for you @Simple_doge5 .
    (Few more other comments)

    Thanks again, and good luck!
  • edited March 2019
    Game of the Week : Week Two

    Before I get anymore reviews for you guys, I will first give out week two's Game of the Week (The new reviews shall go to week three). This week's goes to:

    @Creeper Bones Castle Jump! A very well made game, "Absolutely stunning" as I say it, and he says, what now? That he is NEW to this?! Come play this game! It is one of the best I have played before on FlowLab, and deserves a spot on the front page! Play as a cube in a beautifully set up obstacle course, with very nice graphics and newly added sound! Here is where to play:

    He says he is new to this, and on first try got an 8.5/10 for the score of this! Bravo! You deserve a BIG trophy, but I don't have any on me. But good luck, and thank you all!
  • Thanks for letting me re-review your game @ToastMaster64 ! This feels a lot better! Here is what I had thought:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    1) Like the new L.A.W.K.S. intro! A lot more creative than the first! The only problem I had for it is that the music just didn't fit as well with it.
    2) Very nice character shop! There is a very good variety, and having some free skins is a very good touch! Well done!
    3) The gameplay is still fun as ever! Very nice!
    4) The timer in the beginning is very nice! It helps prepare the player a LOT more, thanks!
    5) Speaking of time, a pause button would be very great for this game, as sometimes you want a break. Other than that, the added levels and everything else are great additions!

    This game has been very fun to play! Just keep on working on this, as this keeps on getting better and better! Can't wait to see what else you come up with, and keep on asking other critics, too, for the more opinions, the greater the outcome!

    (Ratings out of 10) Collectively, this goes up to an 8/10! You have worked very hard on this (I don't have to tell you) and has much potential! But one thing you should do is trying to make some new art for this now, since this seems to have made very good progress! Thanks, and good luck!
  • @rcreger Thanks for the re-review! I have a hard time making artwork and It's just easier/better looking for me to re-skin than make brand new sprites.

    - Sincerely L.A.W.K.S Chief Executive Officer, ToastMaster.
  • Thanks for letting me know! I completely understand @ToastMaster64 ! But you did get a 8/10 with some nice visuals and pretty good gameplay, and a good shop and timer, with other good components. Very well done! Just add a pause and you're good! Thanks again, and good luck!
  • Here is @Simple_doge5 's game, Mini Venture (Demo), and thank you for saying it is a demo, so it gives me more of a perspective. Here is what I had thought about it:

    1) Mostly default graphics, but still looks good! The menu is very active, and give the player an idea of what the game is. The play/demo button is pretty well made, as well as the title block.
    2) Very unique style (For FlowLab) to display a tutorial! Very well done!
    3) The jump animation is very nice addition to the character! But I'd like to see something added to the character to be made your own.
    4) Maybe something to tell us what the story is supposed to be, or maybe put it with a sign.
    5) The way you made the health work (With the animations as well) is very well done!
    6) Very nice with the detail when you are about to die, like an actual published game!
    7) Very sneaky with the bridge, and there is some very good obstacles in this, and good death animations for the enemies!
    8) Sometimes the enemies get stuck on stuff, and makes them less threatening. Do you think you could fix this?
    9) Found a glitch! When those spinning blades catch onto you, it can press you into the terrain.
    10) I don't know what to do to get away from that yellow enemy. Could you make it a bit more obvious for the player?

    Very well done game, though it needs some fixing here and there. There was several, however, good components to this game, from the health, that very original tutorial system, and those pretty good animations! Though there being some glitches, some confusion, and a bit of lack of variety from the default's given by FlowLab, but overall, very good game!

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this one a 7/10, but I have to say, that tutorial system gave it a very good boost for you score! It has very good potential, but wasn't the best. But nonetheless, very good job, and a very nice start! I can't wait to see what you make out of this, and good luck! Thanks!
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