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You know what really grinds my gears?

List of triggering things

-“Super Mario WORLD”? I think you mean GALAXY.
-The spam detector is really over sensitive.
-Html5 doesn’t work (not on IPad Air, at least.)

Right now, that’s about it.
Somebody please help me and my OCD.


  • I don't think anyone can help you with that..
  • Hey @TheUltimateBepis - Sorry about the spam detector, but we've had spammers try to completely overrun this place in the past, and unfortunately the spam prevention stuff makes things inconvenient for all of the rest of us :(

    What do you mean by "html 5 doesn't work"? It works on my own iPad, at least in general. Is there a specific game that's not working? Maybe post a link that isn't working for you?
  • Maybe @grazer, have specific people that are trustworthy and have plaues for a while not be affected by the spam.
  • Or possibly if a high spam amount is detected, or if someone was obviously trying to spam, could be blocked? But that would be a bit of extra work, as then someone would have to monitor this.
  • @grazer the html5 keeps slowing down a lot, so that i can't try to play any games, or edit, or view them either. All of the games i tried crashed. It's on safari, so maybe that's a problem that i'm unaware of?
  • @rcreger good idea, but people can be biased/corrupt and so that can backfire pretty quickly. Good idea, though.
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