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A Boy in Armor (Update Log)

edited May 2019 in Play My Game
I have seen people have made discussions about what they have changed about their games, and now it's my turn:

My game is called A Boy in Armor: ,a story of a child named Antony who has ran away from his widowed mother, trying to end the war his father had died in. On the way, you will meet other people of the land, and books of this lands history (Can you figure out which land this is? *hint* Best information in "The Dragons" book) You are able to move through the land using the arrow keys, and space bar is able to kill off any NPC's that are not of main necessity (Sorry NPC's). Killing these NPC's are not needed, and is best to run into them, which allows you to talk to them, first, so you can understand Antony's story better. Now for the updates (This counts from day 1):

* Antony created, ground created, grass created.
* Extension of land, Father's Grave, Bones in Dirt, Smilik the Old, First Fort created with Gerod the Hideous.
* Extension of land, Second Fort created with Sila the Wise. Books, bridges, and water added, clouds added.
* Main menu added.
* Fixed some graphic faults (With grass, ground, and water)
* New ground graphics added.
* Torches within forts added, waterfalls added.
* Extension of land, King Valor's Castle with King Valor, King Valor's banners added, Easter Egg added (Can you find it?)
* "Dying" level added.
* Menu icons animations added.
* Corrupted ground added, Lost Traveler added, The Death Tree added.
* Extension of land, Wolfhang's Castle with Wolfhang, Wolfhang's banners, stone bridge added, Dark Book added.
* A Bandit added, "The Dragons" book added.
* Menu "About" updated.
* Antony attack (space bar) added, updated Wolfhang's animation.
* "A Warriors End" level added.
* When with the collision of Wolfhang, you can no longer escape the direction of the story (a.k.a., you can't escape him, like it is supposed to happen.)
* The Light/ Father animations improved.
* "S" is now sprint forward, and "A" is sprint backward (This is in response as @Crigence wanted something to make it go by a bit faster).
* Added birds. Go try and find them, they hold some information of ABIA lore!
* New music for "Dying" level. Supposed to be more of a sadder mood. Don't cry @meburningslime !
* Edited "About" icon.
* Made message in beginning of game to give a bit of backstory.
* Added pause button in-game.
* Added wisps to guide you through the story (They are clickable).
* Added animation for pause button.
* Fixed many typos in the dialogue, made apparent by @microgamer1 .
* Made it so jump sound affect only appears when actual jump action is applied (Also @microgamer1 ).
* Fixed wisp glitch with all wisps after the first glitching the game (Also @microgamer1 ).
* Logo in beginning is being made.
* Added a hidden block used to go back to the logo/startup, going to the menu again.
* Logo is finished, along with Startup.
* Deleted wisps as they are not useful. This will make room for another object for the background.
* Added clickable characters, all except Wolfhang.
* Added clickable character for Wolfhang.
* Deleted many settings blocks and conserved many more objects.
* Made bush for background.
* Updated bush in background.
* Added an idle for Antony (Which keeps on deleting itself, so it may not be there).
* Fixed idle animation.
* Edited Start Up animation.
* Added "An rcreger Story Game" in menu.
* Updated description to be more visually acceptable.
* Made it so dialogue is not completely repeated when collision with NPC.
* A Boy in Armor my official first Plymouth Interactive Fable game, and new edits to start-up and menu to show!
* Description showcases Plymouth Interactive Fables brand.
* Edited Wolfhang animation.
* Added more pixels to the Start-Up logo.
* Added an in-game home button.
* Updated cloud sprite.
* Updated water animation for more realism.
* Updated Start-Up to fade in then out.
* Added labels that appear beside icons when mouse is over them.
* Water is now transparent.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this game! @grazer @CrimsonBlackGames @Daniel Folston @Crigence ! If you want to send me a game to review, you can send it to my discussion, Bored Reviews : . Thanks everyone, and make sure to give any feedback and suggestions! Thanks again, and have a wonderful day!



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