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  • Well... uhhh... there's room for improvement. I'm ok with using pre-existing art, but there are NO animations. And the game is very unfair. Unfair games are fine, but at least say it's unfair or else it just comes out as unpolished. There's not really any original ideas either. Sorry if this sounds harsh, just trying to help.
  • I thought the game was okay, but I like seeing created art so the game's sprites seem kind of dull. You could add like a theme to it like make everything related somehow. Also like @Biscuit Butter said, you could add that the game was kind of unfair.
  • What do you mean by unfair?
  • Also it’s not harsh I like criticism, it help shape games
  • Some blocks look solid, but you actually can't jump on them. And some invisible blocks get in the way of jumping.
  • thats the point
  • Oh, it's trolling. HAHAHA! I wanted to add backround blocks to my game but my friend wouldn't allow me. I guess it is kinda annoying.
  • edited December 2019
    And the secret entrance at the end? GENIUS! It's kinda easy though, and you should make it side scroller so you don't waste levels.
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