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  • I should email grazer about this...
  • That is.. A lot of stuff.
  • There mostly links to all the videos and stuff.
  • Hey @ToastMaster64 - I know everyone is tired of hearing this, but I'm focused 100% on trying to get the HTML5 version of the editor released. The current Flash version will no longer be supported by web browsers later this year, so this has to be the highest priority.

    I expected to to have it released two months ago, but there have been a lot of unforeseen problems with the HTML5 version that have needed many complicated and time consuming workarounds and fixes.

    I don't want to announce a release date, since it's still not 100% ready, and I could still run into more problems, but it is getting very close. Once the new version is out, I will start releasing small bugfix updates again immediately.

    I know it's frustrating to have to wait so long between updates, I'm probably more frustrated than anyone that it has taken as long as it has :(

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not ignoring the reported issues, I just cannot make an incremental/bugfix release right now.

    Thanks for being patient :)
  • edited May 2019
    Thanks @grazer for the update on the situation and that you are still hearing us
  • Thanks for the response @grazer, I was worried that these weren't going to be fixed.
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