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Help me make a enemy that jumps when it gets under you please

I need a enemy in my game that, when it is right under you, will jump up to hit you and explode, someone please help me code this!!!!!


  • can you give me a link to your game?
  • You could use a raycast to detect the player
    you could compare the players X-coordinates with the enemies X-coordinates
  • edited May 2019
    @JR 01 Hey, I tried to compare the X coords but I cant figure out exactly how, I tried a equation and a filter but that didnt work, or i didn't do it right, can you send me a link to an example please?
    -Pixel, Virtual Assistant
  • Just use an extractor for each character and get their x
    Also try to use a less than < instead of equal = for filters because it could pass over it fast
  • If it's the jumping when you start is the problem, then just let the once go to that extractor first before the timer starts

  • @JR 01 Thanks! But I already made it spawn so it looks like it jumps onto the screen, It looks pretty good.
  • Oh ok, so you got it working now?
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