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Show off your best work! ::Talented user scouting::

edited July 2019 in Reviews
- Hey guys, I've been seeing a ton of new users over the years, and people come and go all the time. There are some users that have been around for 4, 5, 6, and even 7 years! I joined back in 2013, a while after grazer released the first functioning early beta of flowlab. There are a few users like us which I refer to as Flowlab Veterans, and we have seen many impressive games from users in the past. I'm currently seeking to find some of the best of the best flowlab users, people that fully understand how the engine works, advanced mechanics, impressive artwork, good storytelling, creativity and ingenuity in general. If you think you have the skills, talent, or determination to become one of the top recognized flowlab users, I encourage you to post your best work below. If any of us find you exceptionally talented, I will personally invite you to a private discord group to hang out with some of the core users and new great faces of flowlab, to chat, share ideas, unique advanced logic, artwork, music, etc. You will even get your own rank and personal channel where you can keep us updated and look for feedback and advice on all your big projects!

If this sounds like something you would like to try out for, show us your greatest efforts, and even if you don't get selected this time, you can always get better and try again. Remember, some of us have been around for years, we weren't always good. It takes a lot of learning from mistakes and trying new things to get better. If you plan on staying with flowlab for a long time, you are sure to learn a lot as you try new things out.

Best of luck!
- Mhx

A Super Mario Bros NES quality finished game, concept, or demo is the requirement bar to get into the private group, and get a review. If your game is not something you would buy or download on the app store, or demo test, it's not ready for a review. It needs to be fun, fair, beatable, and finished as far as gameplay goes, even if all abilities, bosses, enemies, and levels aren't in the demo. It needs to feel like a full game.



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    @Mhx Aîr I have been here for 9 months. I have been working on a game for 5-6 months and it's still not finished. I will show you it when it's a bit more complete. I also plan on staying here for a while, as I am probably going to start learning photoshop and use it in my game.
  • i haven't been on flowlab for that long and well the game is incomplete but i am trying to see what to improve on.
  • I will definitely submit a game - once it is finished. Thanks!
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    I look forward to evaluating your games. Here are some examples of ratings.

    1) Low effort
    - User used default sprites/music or borrowed graphics/music from the internet
    2) Beginner
    - Low detail sprites/uninspired or unfitting music
    3) Intermediate
    - Good sprites, NES Mario quality, decent custom music
    4) Advanced
    - Really well made artwork and powerful soundtrack, comparable to Super Metroid, Metal Slug, Celeste, Shovel Knight
    5) Master
    - Graphics are so detailed and music is beautifully orchestrated, and gives us doubts that this game was made in flowlab. Comparable to Donkey Kong Country being on the SNES, Kirby being on NES, and other masterpieces that took what limits they had and broke all expectations

    As far as I have observed, aside from myself, the only user that I see 5/5 potential in is PixelPizza. He has thrown my expectations out the window with mindblowing artwork and concepts. He took flowlab and used 125% effort. Most people never make it to 4/5.

    Flowlab is usually used for small school projects and apps, not professional work.

    Still, do your best to impress everyone.
  • What if we are unable to create custom music? And does using @Eric_Matyas ' music count as "getting it off the internet?"
  • @rcreger Of course it does. If you didn't make it, I can't rate someone else's work.

    You could have a rating like this:

    Music: 1/5
    Graphics: 3/5
    Gameplay: 3/5

    Which is fine, I don't expect anyone to have the ability to produce a major game corporation project by themselves if they just joined. Just do your best.
  • I will. Thanks for letting me know!
  • I've been using flowlab since 2012. That's... 7 years ago.

    I joined the forum much later in 2015 because I was like 10 in 2012. I couldn't even write a single word in English.

  • @BoxHead Your link just goes to anyone's game list. Whoever clicks it, it goes to their own games. You need to link to your game itself.
    @Johnny boy Take your time, put all your efforts in!
    @rcreger As long as you get a total score of 4.5/10, I consider it above average. Most users borrow music, so just aim for 3/5 for graphics and 3/5 for gameplay. If it looks and plays at least as good as NES Super Mario Bros, it shows you know what you are doing.
    @Latif It always blows my mind when I find out people don't speak English as their first language. You and PixelPizza were born speaking another language and had to learn English, but you speak it so well. People that are born in English speaking countries are usually terrible with spelling and grammar. It shows me a sign of dedication and effort to be more and do more in life, and that's something to be proud of.
  • I joined in 2015 and have been working on this ever since:
  • edited June 2019

    It's hard to rate this, it feels very unfinished. Controls are sticky, movement is difficult, weapons don't face the right way, weapons you haven't picked up yet rotate and shoot, zombies with hair rotate around, there are no walking animations, and you used a lot of default sprites and borrowed music.

    In the spoiler is an honest review and some suggestions to improve your game.


    Music: 1/5
    - Borrowed from the internet
    Graphics: 1.5/5
    - Some custom sprites, some default sprites, no movement animations
    Gameplay: 2.5/5
    - You have a general idea of how things work, but a lot of it doesn't work how it probably should. You have completely custom controls, no behavior bundles, understand how health points, shooting, destroy, attach, and animations work, but the gameplay is unpolished and rough.

    I got the key, but never found a survivor. I laughed when I saw Big Chungus though, lol.

    Overall, I have to give it a 5/15 (33%) (3.3/10)
    The requirement for a group invite is 4.5/10, so you are only off by 1.2 total points.

    I can tell that you are getting the hang of flowlab, you just need to try a few new things.
    Here's some things I recommend:

    1) Remove any default flowlab graphics, and make them all yourself
    2) Add diagonal grass/sand tiles, so you can make more shapes, instead of only squares
    3) Fix the flip problems with the guns, they don't face the right way
    4) Replace the guns lying on the ground, so they aren't shooting when you shoot
    5) Remove the friction on all the walls and doors so you stop sticking to them
    6) Add walking animations
    7) Fix the rotating greaser zombies

    If you keep working on your game, you will keep getting better, and one day, it may become a really good arcade type game if you learn how to add highscores and make controls for phones. You were only 1.2 points off, so keep up the good work and keep improving!
  • @Johnny boy
    Is the game you want reviewed "Rise"?
    I looked into it, played it, and opened up a ton of objects to see how you made things work.
    I can definitely give you a review right now, because I also have a lot of useful advice I think would really help you a lot, especially in the long run, when you make your next game.
  • @BoxHead
    Is the game you want reviewed "Igor Land"?
    I played it for a bit, and I can give a review and some suggestions to make your game work better.
  • @rcreger
    Is the game you want reviewed "A-Box"?
    I played it and got through most of the first level, and actually really enjoyed myself for such a simple concept. It reminded me of a game someone made 5 or so years ago, called "Test Subject".
    You can try their game, but it was made in the old flowlab beta and doesn't work right anymore. It still works, kinda, but not like it used to. A lot of stuff was changed in flowlab since the beta. Still, there are 3 levels, and I think you'll like what you see.

    As for your game, I definitely could make a first impression review and give you some advice to make your game more enjoyable for people to play. As it currently is, I really do like it and see potential in it.

    Everyone here seems to be using pop up windows and restarting the level whenever you touch something. Try to stop doing that. If the controls are not easy to use, you'll constantly die and not want to keep playing if you get annoyed. Go for a health bar system, or stop using pop ups and reset, and instead use Labels and set checkpoints with Position to teleport back to.
  • edited June 2019
    I made a respawn checkpoint example real quick for you guys to look at. There's no sound, and I honestly wasted a lot of time making graphics, but basically, touch a flag, and fall in the lava. You will respawn at the last flag you touched.

  • Sure @Mhx Aîr you can review it just note that I’m going to completely change it very soon and it will be way better: for example working on XP and also challenges(I already finished the challenges I just need a couple more) I also am working on a infinite runner it’s getting close to done.

    The last thing I’m gonna do is polish it, as you probably saw it doesn’t look polished.

    Last last thing I’m going to learn photoshop do you recommend any online classes. Thanks
  • edited June 2019
    I am also going to change the shop to be way easier to move around. It’s gonna be more similar to @Latif shop. (The graveyard)
  • edited June 2019
    @Johnny boy
    Oh, so you recognize already that it has faults. That's great to hear. The first step to improving is finding mistakes. Here's a few notes I have, instead of a review.

    1) When making sprites, be sure to make everything in the game similar looking. The best approach would be to always use the same sized pixels. If you made a game with Excitebike from NES, used Pokemon from Nintendo DS, and put them all in a background from Halo 3, the themes don't fit, and the graphics don't fit. It's an over exaggerated example, but basically you want everything to look like it belongs in the same game.
    2) The wires are horribly tangled. When I started flowlab, I had that problem too. It was a massive pile of spaghetti. If I ever accidentally clicked a wire and cut it, I would never figure out why my game wasn't working right. I learned the hard way, and I really recommend you use behavior bundles as folders from now on, try to keep everything organized and don't cross too many wires, and put labels on everything. So many behaviors and almost all your objects aren't named, so if you ever take a break, you'll forget what does what, and it's impossible to ask for help.
    3) Infinite runner is a great idea if you pull it off, but move the character down 3-6 blocks. It's impossible to see what's coming, and I constantly got hit by lasers because I didn't know they were coming.

    Besides that advice, you understand the basics of powerups, keeping scores, spending points in a shop, customization, and other great mechanics. CBG, Latif, and JR 01 all have done well with their customizations and shops, and they are in my private group. If you show that you can improve your gameplay, graphics, and organize your wires and label everything, you will definitely be invited. You show some of the same skills a few of us did when we first joined. Good work, just fix some stuff and let me know when you're ready for a review.
  • @Mhx Aîr English is everywhere on the internet, it's in every game I play, every YouTube video I watch, every forum I read and it has even been a subject at school for almost 5 years. Learning English all went without saying. It actually went so far that sometimes I don't even know the translation of an English word to Dutch, but I do know the definition and I can explain it in both languages.

    I still try to learn and use new words to add to my vocabulary. When I see a word I don't know I usually try to guess the definition by the context it's used in (this happens everywhere, even in this forum). If I really don't know it I just open a new tab with google translate. :tongue:

    All of this isn't really mind blowing. The same thing would've happened to you if you were born in the same country I live in.
  • @latif
    Well I still think it's as good as learning a code language or something. For some reason, a lot of Spanish people have a really hard time learning English. Then again, you do learn much easier and faster when you are young, and a lot of people that move to the US are older, and it's harder to teach an old dog new tricks, they say. I learned a ton of Japanese, and while it is a lot more fun to learn on your own than it is at school, not giving up and staying motivated is the biggest part, because you could have just learned English, but have been bad at it, with broken English like a lot of people do. Instead, it's perfect, I have no trouble understanding.
  • edited June 2019
    Hey @Mhx Aîr, i'm not much for art or sound but I consider myself to be fairly good at level/game design and advanced mechanics, here are some of my games from oldest to newest,

    STAR BATTLE: Incomplete, but the first game I made that since I actually began to understand some more advanced mechanics. Not perfect, I gave up on this game when I realized I would need way more advanced logic than what I currently knew how to do, I might return and finish it someday.

    INFINITE GAME WITHOUT A GREAT NAME: I mostly made this game to toy with trying to make and infinite game in flowlab, it is mostly finished and the only things I would like to add would potentially be custom artwork.

    GRAVITY HOP: Still incomplete but I hope to be finished by the end of summer. All individual levels are complete but I still need to add in a level selector, something that would let you save your best times for every level, music, a story, and some skins you could earn by beating the game. I already have plans for Gravity Hop 2 which will include more creative level design, more types of puzzles, blocks, and enemies. Along with a bunch of bonus modes.


    *Also, nearly all of the artwork from my first two games is from, Gravity Hop is all original but based of the default flowlab block sprite.

    **Me appoligze for bad grammars or speling I really no good at it, but i tried me best.

    ***Also I saw the note you made to @rcreger, about level restarting, I'm gonna change that soon.
  • @Mhx Aîr I'm going to tell ya straight up, the survivor was at the bottom left of the map (explore a little more)
  • edited June 2019
    There was a survivor there? I went through the locked doors and killed the zombie and zombies with hair, but didn't see anything else. I must have missed it or it glitched. I'll check again, but those other bugs are still important to fix.

    Edit: There are no survivors in the bottom left, you put the survivor in a building in the bottom right. What was the point of getting the key to unlock those metal doors, if nothing is over there? I was so confused when I found nobody.

  • I meant bottom right! I'm sorry, but the bottom left is meant to be a challenge because of the chaos of zombies there

    also btw from your review from earlier the graphics do need to be changed on the buildings but the zombie that rotates and the weapon's facing the wrong way and what not is intentional because of the fact that it's a fun game, not every game is gonna have realistic aspects such as, for example (my favorite game franchise btw), Plants vs Zombies, there aren't any plants that do all the stuff in the game, it's what I like to call: "non-realistic fun"
  • edited June 2019
    @my_name (<_>)

    I have some feedback, both good and bad. Overall, you have shown good potential.


    Star Battle had somewhat confusing and difficult controls, something I couldn't really get the hang of.

    Infinite runner is a unique concept. I expected flappy bird, but it was a lane changer. The pong bonus was a very unique idea, never played anything that demanding of a reaction time. I did play coin mode and made it to +287 coins and 1518 score after surviving for about 5 minutes at high speed, but then suddenly it was going so fast that the controls must have stopped working, because I couldn't go up or down and hit a wall. Probably a bug with flowlab and not necessarily your game.

    Gravity Hop is the best one by far. I only beat the demo and first two levels, but my 2nd game was a gravity flip game, so you making this shows potential. I actually really enjoy brain/puzzle games like this, and the switches and effects were very cool. This is one game I'm definitely looking forward to seeing polished and completed.

    Overall, sure the spelling isn't all good, and there are bugs here and there, the graphics aren't your own, no music, and unforgiving controls, but you definitely have a pretty good idea of how flowlab works. You mentioned you will be fixing some things and coming up with an alternative for resetting the level and using pop up boxes, which is good. If you can make your games look better and play a bit better, you will definitely get an invite when you show those improvements.

    There's no need for me to give a review for each of the games, it would look like this:

    Music: 0/5
    - No music or sound
    Graphics: 1.5/5
    - Default, edited, or low detail sprites
    Gameplay: 2.5/5
    - Difficult to play, but completely custom controls.

    I would actually give Gravity Hop a 3.5/5 if you made it easier to move, since it's so unforgiving for even the tiniest movements. Adding more to this game and polishing it nicely would easily be 3.5.

    You would have a 4/15, and even with borrowed music it would be 5/15, which is 3.3/10. Just a 4.5/10 is required to get an invite, 1.2 points away, I believe with enough extra effort, you can make it in. Fixing Gravity Hop up nicely would put you at a 4/10, only 0.5 points away. If you add more and really make it good, and all your future games are unique, artistic, and creative, you'd get 4.5/10 for sure.

    Good job so far.

  • @MagmaDude100
    I'm not sure why you would want guns to face and shoot the wrong way, or enemies to float around backwards or upsidedown, but it is your game and if that's how you wanted it to be, then that's perfectly fine. I would call those bugs, but Bethesda tells people all the bugs in Elder Scrolls, like Skyrim, and Fallout series are features, not bugs, so if that's what you say they are, then that's just how it is, lol.

    As long as you are having fun and enjoying flowlab, if other people are enjoying your games and it makes you happy, you can have them do whatever things you want them to do. I'm just one person. My viewpoint comes from professionally designed games, so I don't always see things the way younger people do. If you like how your game is, my opinions don't matter.

    Just enjoy yourself and do your own thing.
    Good luck!
  • Thanks @Mhx Aîr I’m going to keep working on it.
  • edited June 2019


    While I may be an older user, I still consider myself very inexperienced with Flowlab. Whether I count or not is at the discretion of Mhx

    Was going to make a bossfight mode for when you score high enough in all modes. Got sidetracked with life.

    So far this is my best work, although dodgemode championship edition might get that title. Even though JR is working with me on that.
  • Hey @Mhx Aîr, thanks for your feedback. What exactly would you recommend for better controls for gravity hop? Also, personally I like the graphics for gravity hop, despite them being copied, I think the colors and simplicity makes the game look pretty cool. Idk, just my opinion
  • I've been here for around 2 1/2 years, and made several games pushing a free account (or two) to their limits. I've helped several people with their games, and taken two game design classes. I can't decide on my best work, so I'll put my two favorites:
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