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The Graveyard 2



  • Thank you, that bug was bothering me the most besides not being able to copy paste behaviors.
  • edited June 2019
    Small update:
    * Added the skeleton barrel: (colors are bad in gifs)

    * The gun skeleton is no longer invincible when it's pulling out its gun. This means you can kill it before it even shoots.

    * All skeletons now have a 0.3s delay to turn around when you jump over them (used to be instant). It should be easier to jump over skeletons now.

    Next update will "blow" your mind
  • Looking good
  • Hey @Latif - the flicker and behavior imports should be fixed.

    Graveyard 2 is coming along nicely :)
  • Thanks a ton grazer.

    I'm trying my best :)
  • @Latif I tried just played it a couple of times and it felt way harder! Did you change anything? If so you should change it back because right now it's insanely hard.
  • @Johnny boy Yeah I don't like the increase in difficulty as well. The only thing I did is adding the skeleton barrel.

    I just made a few changes:
    * You can shoot through graves now. I first wanted to add the ability to destroy graves by shooting them, but since you have limited ammo it won't make any difference. You'll eventually run out and die.
    * Skeletons that come out of a barrel give 2 points now instead of 1.
  • edited July 2019
    @Latif This game is really amazing! I have a suggestion; maybe try boosting the rarity of the different skeletons to be a little more common. (not too common, since I'd imagine it would be chaos, and there was a complaint about difficulty recently) In my opinion, with the current version (as of the uploading of this comment), the gun skeleton was a bit too rare. I only encountered 2 of those for every run I made. Meanwhile in the first game, I would encounter gun skeletons as well as the other types continuously.

    This is just a little suggestion, so if you disagree, that's fine with me.
    Edit: Also I found a small bug in the game where if you pause the game, the gravestones still spawn, releasing a mega horde of skeletons charging at you. Not sure how I discovered it since the pause button wasn't working until now.
  • @Superstargames Thank you. I really appreciate it.

    I know the spawn rate of gun skeletons is low. I don't want them to be that annoying. I'll add more kinds of skeletons in the future so the chance of a "special" skeleton to spawn will be increased. Maybe I could increase the spawn rate a little bit for now.

    About the bug, in the description of the game I wrote the pause button only works in the HTML5 version which can be played here. The HTML5 version will be the default version soon because flash will eventually die in 2020 (flowlab currently uses flash).
  • You should ad an extra version that is online multiplayer. tell me what you think of the idea
  • edited September 2019
    epic score
  • ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • ya boi is getting the game more playes
  • @william.harkins3 I actually don't want to create a new game for just multiplayer. If I update something in the singleplayer game I have to do the same thing in multiplayer. That's pretty tedious.

    The thing that sucks is that you can't make singleplayer and multiplayer modes in the same game. You have to specify in the game settings whether it's singleplayer or multiplayer for the entire game. You can't have a specific level for multiplayer which sucks.

    Multiplayer also hasn't received an update in over a year and we had tons of suggestions to improve it. Unfortunately, Grazer (the admin) is really busy with other stuff and it's kinda forgotten now.

    Also nice highscores guys.
  • This is definitely more challenging than the first one! I was so excited when I saw this in my feed! I'm definitely going to try and beat my high-score from last time.
  • @Latif is it ok if you could give me some tips to improve my 3 games that i have made.
    This is the link so you can try them.

    The first game links to the second game and then to the third game. give me some feedback on what you think.
  • can u change the leader boared
  • Small update, finally added the bomb skeleton.

    The bomb skeleton tries to drop its bomb near you, then runs away. Killing it gives 3 points, so don't let it escape!

    I also made it so the bomb's explosion can kill other skeletons (this wasn't a thing in the first game).
  • This game is very difficulty. My highscore is 82...
  • edited September 2019
    I dont see bosses here.(in game)
  • What is that in editing mode?
    Top of menu background.
  • edited September 2019
    Screenshot flowlab
    I am in editing mode, the skeletons spawns in one second.(3000 score(testing))
  • Screenshotflowlab 2
    The 2 skeletons spawns in 1 second.(4725 score very good)
  • edited September 2019
    Screenshotflowlab 3
    1 Skeleton barrels in 3 second and 3 skeletons in 1.50 second
  • Screenshotflowlab 4
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