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The Graveyard 2



  • edited September 2019
    @ElecTronIC0 I use the white background for level transitions. When the game starts it starts disappearing slowly, and when you die it appears again. Just a small effect I thought was cool. I added your highscore of 82 to the leaderboard btw.


    Added 3 more skeletons

    * Guard skeleton: Wields a shield that can protect him from 2 hits, after the shield breaks you can shoot him once again to kill him (+2 points).
    Guard Skeleton

    * Electric skeleton: Teleports behind you when a bullet is too close to him, can only do this once (+2 points)
    Electric Skeleton

    * Witch skeleton: Will throw a potion at you when you get close. The potion slows you down for 5 seconds and will also reduce jump height. Killing him will drop the potion if it hasn't been thrown yet (+2 points)
    Witch Skeleton
  • Thx. Electric skeletons has a bug. If you kill electric skeletons at the front of the Barricade electric skeletons teleports in barricade.
  • edited September 2019
    Screenshotflowlab 5
    If you shot electric skeleton in "x" it teleports your back. (into the barricade)
  • @ElecTronIC0 Not a bug, it's like that in The Graveyard 1 too. I don't want the skeleton to spawn inside you when you're on the very edge of the level. You should know it has teleported behind you, the edge is supposed to be dangerous.
  • dang, I'm rusty. Haven't played the original Graveyard in a while. 67 is my best so far, but I'll get there! ;)
    I gotta say, this game is astounding, beautiful, and all the synonyms that go with it! It is a really fun game, with probably the best graphics that I have seen for the past 2 years of me being here in flowlab.
    Though, ya know... This is something that is really cool and I have yet to see it in a game. Texture Packs. I understand this is in development, so yea, this probably won't be added. But by texture packs, I mean packs that you can buy with the game currency, that have a separate texture. I think this would be kinda cool, especially for a game like this. But again, just a suggestion that I'd like to see.
    You are making some really good progress with this game, and I see a bright future for it. I cannot wait for it to be done. It would be a delight to a sequel to the game I hold very dear. Keep on creating, Latif! I am hyped for the final version!
    Now, if you will pardon me, I will get more than 67 for the score.
  • Also, dunno if this is supposed to be in the game, but if the bullet hits the Electric Skello right when it spawns, it dies instead of its normal properties of teleporting away. Just wanted to say that.
  • how you can make The Graveyard 2 logo
  • edited October 2019
    In the shop if you click background, arrows bugging
  • my score is 117
  • in the first the gun skeleton could only fire to the right
    this is better☺
  • maybe not. Gun skeleton makes game soo hard and its good
  • they don't make it too hard
  • @ShadowAxeKid Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it.

    I like the idea of having texture packs (kinda weird to call it like that in a 2d game), but it would take a lot of time to make one. Besides making new sprites and animations I'll also have to add new logic to every object to check which texture pack you're using and apply the correct sprite on the object, and the same for animations of course. I don't really think it's ever going to happen.

    The thing with the electric skeleton has happened to me several times as well. I think I know how to fix it. However, there's another bug I don't know how to fix where the electric skeleton teleports away, but he never comes back. Very strange.

    Will update the leaderboard later.
  • my score is over 160
  • it is 163
  • yes I am not lying
  • I'm also cat3
  • I made two accounts
  • This is NCK555 as cat3
  • for some reason the scores are saved on the computer
  • They are kind of supposed to be in order for the save blocks to work. They change if you use the flash version of flowlab (which is not available anymore) or if you use a different computer.
  • Why does it start with a bomb skeleton?????????
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