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The Graveyard 2



  • new score 158!
  • Woah!!! im impressed my score is still on the leaderboard! Great job with the game @Latif this is one the the best games on flowlab in my opinion
  • i turned on all weapons and got 280 score weapons are very good!
  • how do you get that high of scores it imposible
  • why is it impossible
  • graveyards fast spawning
  • @Latif Just call me ShadowAxeKid in the leader boards. I have 2 other alternatives, and if my name has shadowaxekid on it, but its like... I dunno, @ShadowAxeKid Productions , then just refresh it in the ShadowAxeKid name.
  • I think maybe if you crouch gun bar quickly fills and you can't shot.
  • It's easy. Skeletons aren't fast spawning.
    Screenshotflowlab 10
  • @my_name (<_>) I know I'm late, but thanks a lot :)

    @ShadowAxeKid Done

    @ElecTronIC0 You're right, I made a small mistake and accidentally lowered the max speed. Fixed it now.
  • Ok. Thank you!
  • Ah, and the bug where the electric skello teleport out of the map. Think I know how to fix it.

    Fill in the side parts of the map with a certain block. (I say 5 blocks after the barrier. If it still happens increase that number) If the skeleton teleport out of the map, it should be inside those blocks.

    Make it to where if it is in the proximity of the block, make it teleport again. It will keep teleporting until it finally comes back...

    But if the situation is basically it teleports then just... stops existing, then I don't know that answer. That is the best solution I can do.

    Good luck and keep creating!
  • Its not bug. I sayed that before. Latif: Not a bug, it's like that in The Graveyard 1 too. I don't want the skeleton to spawn inside you when you're on the very edge of the level. You should know it has teleported behind you, the edge is supposed to be dangerous.
  • edited October 2019
    That was not the thing I was talking about. Latif: The thing with the electric skeleton has happened to me several times as well. I think I know how to fix it. However, there's another bug I don't know how to fix where the electric skeleton teleports away, but he never comes back. Very strange.
    That is the bug that I am trying to find a solution to. I believe that they just teleport out of the map and just... fall into the abyss below.

    Though its good to know you brought that out. I missed that comment. That is probably the reason why i'm so bad at this game; I stay around the edge. XD
  • Barrle Skeleton isn't spawning.Screenshotflowlab 11
  • A little thing I would like to mention: the skelo with the gun? It is very overpowered and throws off the difficulty of the game. Every time it shows up, I basically die, whether if it was the bullet or something else.

    Just something I wanted to point out. It really annoys me sometimes.
  • @ShadowAxeKid I think jumping should work
  • I got 98 as a high score :D
  • I got 114 for a high score.
  • 101 new high scorenew highscore 1
  • @Latif I do, but still, it gets really overwhelming in the upper numbers above 60. Its hard when you have clusters of skellos and to where I just cannot jump to a safe spot. Or maybe its just because I have not found an official strategy for graveyard 2. Still trying to find something that can give the upper hand. Or maybe I just suck. But until then...

    I think that either there should be a proximity trigger to where if the player gets close to the skello, then it shoots. That or the bullet can be penetrated if you shoot it. (probably more than once, just to make it a little difficult.)

    Now you don't have to make changes, seeing that you have a 500 in score. (still very awed from that) It may just be that im bad and im just trash at the game. But it is just a weakness to me and throws me off.

    P.S. new score: 131!

  • @Latif here's my high score on The Graveyard 2:
    129 the_graveyard2
    If you're putting it on the leaderboard can you put my name as Mr. Cheese?
  • new highscore on the graveyard 2 c:new highscore 2
  • edited November 2019
    @ShadowAxeKid I increased the gravity on the player so jumping should be faster now. The jump height remains the same. I think it should be easier to jump over bullets now.

    Also, to everyone, here's some game play from me if you're interested to see how I play my own game:

    Will update the leaderboard soon
  • My new high score is 167
  • hey latif my high score in #2 is 605 exactly
  • edited November 2019
    it's not loading
  • it just stoped loading after two times of playing
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