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splat noise triggering? help where does it come from??

edited June 2019 in How To
when I play my game Fallout -138 I hear a weird splat noise triggering a few minutes after gameplay. I think the sound might come from the wasteland but I'm not sure as I have been editing most on the wasteland. I added a splat noise but why it's triggering randomly after a minute or two is weird as I have set it to play when the black rat is dead. But the black rat is not the one triggering it, I have inspected the black rat and found out that its not the one triggering. I have checked almost all of my objects but still can't find it. The Radroach has also a splat noise but not the same as the one as I am hearing. if anyone can find out where it's coming from it would help me out a lot as the sound is exceptionally irritating.


  • If those 2 objects are the only ones that play that sound and if they work,
    would something else be killing them to make that sound?

    Also try to use some objects in the background instead like the floors
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