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The Start-Up Glitch

So, I have Firefox, and every time I open up flowlab, my firefox just freezes- can't open new tabs, can't click on anything, basically I can't do anything with my browser. Then, in order for the browser to go out, I either have to go on the toolbar menu and right click and close it out. The other way is me restarting the computer. I did figure out a way to prevent this, but its extremely annoying to me. I have to open up an important tab like YT, turn on the alert saying that "Do I want to delete 1 important tab", try to close out Firefox, and it refreshes. Then later, it happens again when I'm making a game over and over. Keep in mind this is just for Flowlab.

However, this glitch won't stop me from making games at all, its just annoying. It happened again while typing this forum.


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