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Jumper Is now in 1.1!--- My New Game

edited July 2019 in Play My Game
After leaving this account for 2 weeks, I saw that Jumper got 74 plays in 1 week. That is an achievement in my book, and I have decided to make 1.1. So here it is. @my_name (<_>) " you wanted puzzles? I added that! You wanted more different blocks? It has them too! If you want anything more, just ask! I will consider it and 99% of the time it will indeed be added! Also, 1.2 will also be added later in about a week or 2. I hope you have fun! After all, that is my goal as a creator of flowlab.!
If you want to see what is added and what will, just click this link. --> Update Log


  • Jumper is now in 1.1.1, and I added a minor, but new option- Music Toggle. If the music is messing with your game play, or its just flat-out annoying to you, just press [M]. If you want the music to be back on, click [M] again.
  • Jumper is an excellent game @ShadowAxeKid ! Also, I'm going to try and get the sprite-making thing back up, but if may be a little while. Thanks for being so patient!
  • Thank you for the compliment! Also, thank you for helping me in Forgotten. It wouldn't be that far without you.
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