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I need help...

i really want to evolve my gaming abilities but i can''t if i only get five levels... like how is fair to pay to get free unlimited levels? even if i think you should have at least 30 free levels...


  • I Agree To But You Could Just Make And Arcade Game Like Asteroids Or If You Want To Put Levels You Can Just Make It Teleport You Some Were Different In One Level Just By Using The Emitter
  • So You Can Have Many Levels In Just One Level :smirk:
  • Emitter probably isn't what you want to use to teleport in a level, updating the position with a position block would work a lot better.
  • Yah but when you touch the block it destroys the sprite then sends a signal to other block that emits your charater and it works fine on my other account well
  • open this game in editer to see how it works
    this game is form my other acount
  • and if you need help making sprite just and opyion play this game
  • I stand corrected, emitter isn't the most common way of doing something like this but it totally works.
  • This is what I would do, if you choose to do it that way. When a player touches a sprite, it teleports to the next level, by setting your position. Like I did with Jumper However, if your levels aren't like Jumper, and they are all over the place, you use a collision trigger, but you use a certain object of that object. Example= The yellow block is the 1351th object in the game. When the player touches that specific object, it sets your player in a specific place. You have another yellow block that is the 1353th object in the game. Then, it teleports you in a separate and different place.
    My only problem doing this is that it is a lot of code. If you have multiple levels, you need to do a lot of coding. I suggest putting it in a bundle to keep it neat.
    Also, I suggest that instead of having a object named Object 1000, You should name it like something like, Level 1 TP or something like that.
  • wow now i see how jumper works!
  • I Kinda Get It But Thirty Is A Bit Much 10 To 15 Should Be Good
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