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I have to delete one of my games! Which one will it be, to make way for a special one?

I'm working on making a special game for my favorite YouTuber, Call Me Kevin. Hopefully, he'll play it. So, I need to make way for it.
Which of my games do I delete?
Fallout Anarchy, or HAKK3R?


  • Really a difficult choice... But I say Hakk3r.
  • Okay. I was thinking the same thing, since the game wasn't really going anywhere.
    If you watch Call Me Kevin, I think you're going to love it. (Not an ad at all)
  • edited August 2019
    I don't think anyone knows this, but if you have a link to the game you deleted you can still edit and play it and it saves, letting you have more than 3 games. But don't tell anyone this, or else it'll get patched.
  • @Biscuit Butter I think Grazer intended to do that so games can be recovered if they were accidentally deleted.

    They'll be permanently deleted after a while to make some room for new games.
  • @Latif Ok that makes sense.
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