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HTML5 has made everything lag and not function nearly as good as before.

I love Flowlab, but with the recent HTML5 update my game continuously crashes and can not run long, complex code like it could before. The whole interface has gotten worse in my opinion and sometimes I can't even click on things without refreshing my page because the whole screen freezes. Am I the only one experiencing this or is it a much larger problem? Thanks


  • I will agree that the HTML5 is a little bit slower than flash, especially for large games. I have also experienced that leaving the page open for a long time causes the game to become very slow. But from my experience you can normally refresh the page and it works fine.
  • It does get pretty slow after a while. Having to refresh every once in a while can be a drag, since some games take almost a minute to load.
  • It's only if you continue a game that you made on flash and then edit it in html5.
  • Hey, thanks for letting me know that you guys are having some trouble with the new version. The editor interface definitely still has some room for performance improvements. The new engine should run games faster in most cases, but there are some cases where the older Flash version is still a bit more performant.

    If you have specific complaints, those are helpful, because they allow me to investigate and improve specific areas. For example, "opening the object library is slow for my game" or "level 3 in my game loads very slow" - that sort of thing.
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    @grazer The scroll bar is hard to use for picking objects, like for collisions. You have to move it really slow or else you miss what you wanted to pick.
  • Also, labels are harder to work with because you can't drag them around as well as in Flash, they don't update in the editor when the text changes, and their alpha changes in the editor based on in-game events. For example, if the alpha of a label is set to 50 in-game, then the alpha of the text will be set to 50 in the editor.
  • @grazer Yeah CUBED has become UNBARABLY slow to the point where a single jump took 3 seconds and the title screen music didn't even play. If I may ask, what are you doing in response to HTML5's lag issues?
  • I noticed that 2 starts lagging the moment I open the game's library, because the amount of objects are huge. Until then it works pretty smoothly
  • I've said this before but it's only because you started the game in flash and then carried over to Html5. Obviously no one wants to redo their whole game but you may have to redo the parts that don't work.
  • @Johnny boy - it may seem that way, but there is no performance difference between games started in Flash vs those started in HTML5, the game data is all the same. This means that redoing things in the new editor shouldn't have any effect.

    @Luminous - I just deployed an update that will help a *little* bit with the interface lag like you see with the library panel.

    @Greggo - I'm still working on performance improvements, and will be for a while. I can't test every game myself (there are too many), but if people can point out specific areas where things need improvement, that will help a lot. I just tried out Cubed just now and it was working pretty smoothly overall for me, definitely no three-second jump lag. Is there a specific area of the game that is really bad? I only finished the first level and played a bit of the second.

  • @grazer It might just be the computer I'm working on but if the game is running smoothly for others than that's fine with me. If I had to choose one area that was really bad for me I'd say the load times but, like I said, it could be my computer. Then again this didn't happen until HTML5 came. :confused:
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    I don't if it's just me, but my sprite editor interface glitches with all the icons fusing with other icons. Again it might be my laptop just being different.
  • I just got back like 30 minutes ago and it's LAGGING exponentially
  • @TheGameDemon or @meburningslime - would it be possible to get a screenshot of what the glitched sprite editor looks like? That would probably help me track down the cause.

    @meburningslime - what's lagging for you? Are you talking about the games or the editor? If it's the game, which game is lagging? The more details or examples I can gather, the better I can focus on optimizing the areas that are causing the most grief first.
  • The editor takes about twice the time to load, and the general loading in behaviours and dragging blocks is also slightly worse.
    btw i cant send a screen shot, but all of the buttons are overlapping at the bottom. Then again i am using a laptop...
    idk i hoped I helped lol
  • Error
    This is what I meant.
  • It seems to only happens when the cursor moves over an icon.
  • edited August 2019
    Edit: I just realized that it only happens on Google Chrome and not on Firefox. I use Google Chrome though, because it runs faster on my laptop
  • Thanks for that screenshot @TheGameDemon - I've made a Trello card for that issue so it doesn't get lost:
  • I'm having the same issues since the...HTML5 update?
    Most work won't get saved upon restarting or refreshing the page.

    If I try to open the sprite editor image1-2 minutes post entering edit mode it freezes. Upon refreshing the page and/or switching browser nothing's been saved.Untitled
  • edited October 2019
    If nothing is being saved upon refreshing/restarting the page, make sure you press "OK" with the Sprite Editor/Behavior Editor BEFORE you refresh the page. Otherwise, the website will think you don't want to use your previous progress, and thus nothing will be saved.

    But if it's because the game is crashing, that is unpredictable, and you may want to press "OK" every time you make a big change in your game just in case the editor crashes. It's still very annoying and I hope it gets fixed soon.
  • Right, I always make sure to press okay whenever possible. The main issue is that it crashes just as I try to open the sprite editor every 2-3 minutes or so. Post-refreshing, all edits within the game layer also gets rolled back.
  • Any updates on this or am I screwed? No solutions for the past 2 months and it’s rather silly to still get charged. The only idea I can think of is that the editor didn’t handle the flash to HTML conversion well and so gets overloaded when you continue working on games that were created before the conversion.
  • I take that back. Getting the same errors after creating a new game as well so it can’t be a flash->html5 issue.
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