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Pixel Sports - A Game Where Sports And Cubes Meet!

Wait... aren't they squares and not cubes?

In this game inspired by Drive Ahead! and Geometry Dash, you get to play as the blue cube and play 4 sports - Soccer, (American) Football, Hockey, and Golf - and score up to 5 points to win against the red cube. Or fight against the boss if you are looking for a timed challenge. Show the red cubes who is the real boss, and get enough coins and jewels to buy your own outfits* to play in style! But you better not find my vault! It's a secret... Play Pixel Sports now.

Current Version: Beta 1.0
+ Added Soccer, (American) Football, Hockey, and Golf
+ Added a shop*
+ Added settings*
+ Added the boss battle
^ To hit the boss, knock the bomb balls into him once they are about to explode.
^ You only have 5 minutes to take him down.
+ Added coins and jewels
+ Added Treasure Room
+ Added a secret vault
^ Er, what vault?
+ Added Traps and Shield Bombs

Known Issues:
^ Sometimes, texts that are supposed to be invisible are visible. It's a bug with using labels. I will see if I can work my way around the bug.
^ Red cubes will shake in place over the hole in golf if the ball is over them. It's a bug with their "follow the ball" behaviors.
^ Red cubes will slide towards the edge of the screen in boss mode. I will try to give them a more useful purpose.

* Work in progress!


  • edited October 19
    New Version has been made: Beta 1.1
    This is a small update that mostly deals with some of the bugs found in the game.
    - Removed the borders of some texts/labels in the game, typically those whose opacity changes.
    ^ Some labels/texts will keep their borders
    # Vault is open again, however its entrance continues to remain a secret
    + Treasure room now rewards more coins and jewels
    + Coin and Jewel counter displays the correct number of coins/jewels
    - Due to an issue, Boss mode is temporarily disabled
  • Overall the game is pretty fun! However, the games are all pretty much the same. I love the concept but if you could just make each of the games feel more unique from the others than that would make the game a lot better.

    Oh and also the traps you can make are WAY overpowered.
  • edited October 20
    @Greggo thanks for the review!

    You are right; I have always thought that the game modes are a bit too similar to one another. I could try making the playing field different from each other (like making it so that the blue and red cubes can only tap the golf ball once before letting the other person have their turn, or one player can).

    And about the traps. Since the traps are part of the Pixel Sports story line, I am keeping them. Same with the shield bombs. But they are quite powerful either way. I could make it so that they are purchasable in the shop, yet be very expensive, or make them a one-time use in each game.

    Overall, I appreciate your opinion of the game.
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