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I don't know why the save feature isn't working. Please, someone fill me in!

I have all of the functioning objects set to Keep on Level Restart, and I have the save feature hooked up to every checkpoint. But for some reason, when I die and respawn, it goes back to the beginning. Why is this happening?


  • Saves are not 'save states', they are used to save a number (to a name) to use later.
    You would load the (name to get the) number and make your own sets.


    Message "save?" --> Extract --> X --> Save (X pos) --> Level (menu)
    ==============\--> Extract --> Y --> Save (Y pos)

    When starting the level again

    Once --> Load (X pos) --> Position (X)
    ====\--> Load (Y pos) --> Position (Y)
  • Hey, @JR 01 ,Can you send me a screenshot of that please?
    Oh, and thanks for answering in the first place as well. (=
  • Oh, I was just saying you were using saves wrong.
    You need to name your save and put a number into it.
    Basically this name = this number.

    Also note this example only saves where you are, not what you do.
    Which is what I meant saying they are not "save states".

    Here's the picture for that example,
    but I'll also have a few example games to show how you can use saves



    Here's the example games I made for saves
    Checkpoint Example:

    Shop Example:
  • I must've done something wrong here;
    Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 12.29.25 PM
  • The other design doesn't work either?
  • What are you trying to do here?

    Whats happening here is that your loading your last save...
    If you never used the save, then it will shoot out a 0 which is why I put the filters there.

    These filters prevent the player from teleporting to (0,0) on the map.
  • Oh, okay. I could've just used the checkpoint, now that I look at it, so that's what I'll do. Sorry! But this other information is extremely useful as well...
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