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Can I have help on my Character's Animation?

Hey, I was wondering if someone could help my knight character with 3 good sword animation. Mine is quite horrible and I could use some help. The Game itself is very new so the Graphics are not so good yet...

If you Want to help:

Let me add you to my group,

you make 3 new animations on my character - in the style it is in (e.g having a black 0.01 thin outline)- for a Sword Attack,

I remove you, (Unless you want to help more)

It is Done.

It is fine if you only want to do one animation because someone else can do them as well. Thank you for sparing the time to read my new Discussion!

My Game:


  • hmm... yes, I can work with this. However I do my drawings on a separate website, then export them. This is what I will do.

    In said website I draw on, I will try to copy the knight the best I can.

    Once I do, I will then make the sword animations.

    Sound good? Hopefully I can get this done. Will take a little bit however. Lets say... 1-3 days? Hopefuly that is not to long.
  • Quick question= which person am I making a sword animation of? Hard to tell due to the many characters.
  • on that subject im as lost as u are
  • Do It on Connor; Called player 1. One sword animation has already been done, i just need another.
  • edited 4:54PM
    i'll help im pretty good at animations how do i send it to you?seriusly how. i wanna help full time to see my games and help me go to this link
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