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I'm Currently Trying to Create a portal type game, but everytime my character is "teleported" it is spawned outside of the level


  • Ok so it is spawning it at the top left of the level, because it's spawning your object before you set the coordinates so add a timer in each portal like this:Forum help screenshot 1

    Also your making a loop when you teleport your player, when it touches a portal it goes back to the other one and so on.
  • I would teleport the player using positions instead of spawns
  • edited September 2019
    Thanks For the Help, the games finished now and its very simplistic but I would love some critique @Johnny boy @JR 01 Im also still looking for a method to prevent the player from being destroyed if there is only one portal. I know i could use a logic gate but im not sure how to make the game detect the blocks
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