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Camera view changes when the player hits a door

I want the camera view to change so the player can see the new room but only when they touch the door.
Here is the link to the game =


  • edited October 2019
    If you want to Autoscroll, Click to Camera and increase or reduce number of directions. (sorry for the picture)
  • Your money behaviors are wrong. Remove Label and Number (in money behaviors). And
    make this in player behaviors:

    1)Rename Coin object to make your game making easy.
    2)Click Player to edit.
    3)You need 1 "Collision", 2 "Number", 1 "Label".
    4)Click "Collision", click "Any type" and select "Coin". Tie the "hit" (collision) and "in" (1. number)
    5)Click "Number" (1. number) and increase the number to 1 . Tie the "out"(1. number) and "+" (2. number)
    6)Tie the "out" (2. number) and "value" (label)

    If you don't understand tell me.
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