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Changing the number for camera:[top] will freeze my computer or/and reset.

So, when I change the number for top on the camera behavior, my computer simply shuts down, or/and resets the camera behavior upon leaving it.
This is VERY confusing, and messing with my game. Can someone help me with this please?


  • What object?
  • The player.
  • Nothing is plugged in to the camera behavior... so I can't see what your trying to do with it.

    You set the top input of the camera behavior so I'm guess 'Set X'.
    When I plug in a number, nothing happens because its set to auto-scroll.
    You could 'add X' with auto-scroll but that also works for me.
  • Camera works fine when it doesn't have anything connected- I'm just trying to make it follow the player, which doesn't require any wiring. Plus, even if it did, it's still just the top behavior in the camera.
  • Exactly, your not gonna need to plug anything to it... so what is the problem?

    Do you need to use the set x input?
  • No. The problem seems to have fixed itself, though. Which is good.
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