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Anyone else think this isn't chance?

edited January 17 in Bugs
From my "friends" game
Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 7.08.43 PM

From my (older) game that I showed him many times!
Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 7.09.52 PM



  • I mean they are a little similar, but black armor with a red mask/visor is not super rare. I wouldn't sweat it if it were me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Yeha and he is my Flowlab friend

    I didn't know you were still around?

    Can you check out my game(s)?

  • Of course I'm still around :)

    Anyway, you didn't leave a link to the game.
  • edited January 17
  • edited January 17
    I am so sorry you did share that to me and it does look very similar. I'm really sorry and I promise I wasn't even thinking about it. however I did get the idea of more armor to pick up from your game. just to recap I was not trying to copy it is just something I put in my game! and my game isn't that good so...
    and, like @grazer said it's not that uncommon I see it in a lot of games
  • edited January 17
    quote "my Flowlab friend,"
  • edited January 17
    if you want me to change it I will but...

    (older) game? did you stop making it
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