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  • would you be interested in reviewing this early development demo?
  • Of course! I'll get to work on it tomorrow, expect your review finished by then! (=

    Alone Alpha
  • @browngr time for a REVIEW
  • edited February 9
    Hey @browngr , it's been quite a long while, but I finally got A-Box to 1.0! The foundation of the project is FINALLY finished! Honestly didn't expect the game to get featured on the front page, but I'm so happy where it is right now!

    I have to say, it is hard to run on my laptop, so if you're having trouble with the HTML5 update (which is when my games frame rate and other things plummeted), then hold off on it. But if it runs fine for you, I'd really appreciate a review of the finalized product (of course, by that, it's finished in the sense that I don't see anything to fix yet)! Thank you!

    EDIT: Forgot to leave the link lol:

  • Oh boy have I got lots to review. I'm up to my neck in games to review! But, I'll get it done, rest assured guys. (=
    Thanks for the support thusfar!
  • This is also a demo but I have been working on it for several months. (It's not finished and is missing a crucial cut-scene which may have a gap in the game I will post it bellow) I just want a review of how it is coming along, any bugs and how to make it better, so here goes nothing:

    Here is the missing Cut scene:
  • @browngr yes! Thank you!
  • woah there guys slow down @browngr has way too many games to review already!
  • XD you're good.
  • you probably don't want to review mine I lost all of my animations on one of the characters
  • ok I remade most of the animations
  • Alright, @seamothmaster45! Let's do this!

    Art: So, right off the bat, I can spot a few problems. The use of the premade sprites doesn't work. Now, I use them too, but I edit them, make them smooth, and generally, just use them as a canvas. And my style kind of fits with them. But yours? It completely contrasts, and feels really strange. Plus, the lack of a background caught my eye as well, sometimes a smooth purple or really dark gray help with the mood, but this was just complete gray, nothing else. I'd say my favorite sprite was definitely the hanging dead prisoner... The city was also really small, the buildings were tiny... Overall, a 3/5.
    Smoothness: It worked, I guess. I feel like the nature of the character walking didn't fit with the speed, dropping a weapon caused it to roll on forever, which doesn't quite make sense. And the suit's animation keeps going even if you're stopped. 3/5.
    Mechanics: Straight forward, but the jumping, oh the jumping. I was only able to take out the zombies by parkouring over them, grabbing the rifle, and going back for them. Maybe that was intentional, but at first, until I checked the behaviors menu, I realized that there was a gun. Maybe keep it in view, or create an objective where it tells you to get the gun? Maybe... 4/5.
    Audio: No complaints other than the walking sound. It likes to overlap sometimes, which is strange... 4.5/5.
    Creativity: Simple game, no visible plagiarism, 5/5.

    NOW! Let's finish this!

    3/5 + 3/5 + 4/5 + 4.5/5 + 5/5 x 2 = 39/100.
    Well, it's a start, a start that shows potential. Nothing much to say, other than good job, and good luck in the future! I hope my feedback helps you. (=
  • edited February 13
    ok thanks! I get it I seriously just started right when I showed it to you so I didn't expect anything great!
  • edited February 13
    Hey @browngr - I don't think your calculations are correct. I found an average calculator, placed in all the fractions, and got 0.78, multiply that by 100, that's a 78% for @seamothmaster45 's game. I'm not sure how many games you have used with the other method, but the scores shouldn't be down that low.

  • 5/5 + 5/5 + 5/5 + 5/5 +5/5 x 2 = 50! Yeah, actually! Thanks!
    Well then, let's update everyone's score, thanks!
    @seamothmaster45 on D.M.2 gets 78%
    @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev gets a 66%
  • Glad I could help @browngr ! Really like your reviews, just happened to notice that! Anyways, have fun reviewing!
  • edited February 15
    My game...

    It's been 2 weeks...
  • Middle school sucks man, i'm tryin XD
    But, thanks for the reminder nonetheless!
  • little thing im working on im gonna add colors tommorow
  • Doo doo doo.... Also, just a reminder that I have my game in for a review, just in case you've forgotten:)
  • @browngr you have no excuse im in high school lol
  • Alright, @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev! Time for another review! I thought ALONE showed potential, and now, it's confirmed. Let's begin.

    Art: Just like before, I love the style! And those trees! Mhm! No feedback as of RIGHT NOW... 5/5.
    Smoothness: For better or worse, the game's basic mechanics didn't create any problems. 5/5.
    Mechanics: Everything was in working order! I know the medkits, food, and zombies were in there however, so it was slightly disappointing not seeing them in an early state to toy around with. 4/5.
    Audio: Music wasn't overwhelming, sound fits, no complaints. 5/5.
    Creativity: Definitely better than before. Seems like a good slate. 5/5.
    5/5 + 5/5 + 4/5 + 5/5 + 5/5. Wow! Multiply that by 4, and we get... 96%!
    Solid! No feedback as of now, but this game is in an early state. Come back to me when it's in a later demo.
  • edited March 1
    Hey @browngr I Would Love You Too Review My Game Please

    My Game Pixel-Ship Is Finished But Is Getting More Major Updates In The Future

    Also Check Out The Forums For More Info On Game

    Link To Game Here: Click-Here
  • Alright, @meburningslime! I got some time off! Let's do this! (Really sorry for the wait, I know, you're in High School, I'm in Middle School, my science and math teachers are frickin insane...)
    Galaxy Trek! OH! I've been hearing stuff about this one! Excited to see what all the fuss is about! As an old grandma would say...
    Art: Great first impression! The main menu looks nice, but you may want to fix the controls option. It goes outside the box a bit. 4/5.
    Smoothness: Game was pretty smooth, no real complaints. The story segment was great as well! Simple algorithms are sometimes better than complex ones! 5/5.
    Mechanics: Controls were nice, but I think the motor was a bit too slow. You may want to hook it up to an add-on velocity to make the speed up faster. Enemies were relatively smart, kept their distance, and sometimes even paired up! I don't know if that was meant to happen or not, nonetheless, I loved it! 4.5/5
    Audio: Everything looked (Or sounded) good! 5/5.
    Creativity: I did notice the ship on the main menu and aiding you in-game had a striking resemblance to something I had seen before. The Watchtower from the DC Universe... Besides that, no real complaints. 3/5. Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 11.18.28 AM
    Alright! Add em' up, mutliply by four!
    4/5 + 5/5 + 4.5/5 + 5/5 + 3/5 x 4 = 86%!

    High B! Nice! I hope you enjoyed the review, I know I enjoyed playing the game! Thanks for showing this to me! And as always, if you wish to do so, come back in a bit, show me the progress!
  • edited March 1
    Here's a game I've been working on. I just started an Update log about it 20 minutes ago.

    Update Log
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