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Videogame 404 issue

This is unfortunate but my name on is TeslaRichtofen and had a working game called Electromagnetic and when it hit 200,000 plays (thank you everyone) it simply just stopped working and every time you click on it brings up the 404 page which was very disappointing. you can play it if you change on the link instead of /play/ delete it and write embed. I just want to be able to let people play the game normally again and please help notify this problem for anyone else. Ps. Electromagnetic is on the 2 page of games.


  • will it work if you delete play and type view?
  • edited January 22
    Hey @TeslaRichtofen - welcome to the forum!

    I redirected your game to a 404 the other day intentionally. I'm not trying to blame anyone, but *someone* was using a script or bot to ramp up the play count for that specific game. I mean that's whatever, but the real problem was that it didn't seem to be routing requests through the CDN, and it was hammering the server and causing lag for other devs.

    I can fix the route to your game, but please avoid doing anything that might cause undo server traffic. I mean it's great if your game hits the front page of Reddit or something, but automated traffic is no bueno for everyone involved. I don't have an operations team, and I'm just one guy, so when the server is acting up I have to stop eating dinner or whatever and go investigate it, and that kind of sucks because then my food is cold.

    Once you reply here that you saw this message I'll go ahead and fix up your game URL, and you'll be good to go again.

  • edited January 30

    Thank you some much you have no idea what this means to me I was aware the was something fishy when I was getting ridiculous amounts of plays per day but all I care about is people just able to play the game and hopefully can assure this wont ever happen again.

    p.s if I get to the front page of flow-lab one day I hope you have good luck for the rest of your life. I'm also sorry if your soup got cold.
  • Hey @TeslaRichtofen - thanks for responding, your game is back available again :)
  • @grazer Thank you very much.
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