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The Dead Rising -Inventory has now been added

edited May 5 in General
Link to my game: The Dead Rising on

Here I will post all the new updates and updates that will be added
Please, if you have any suggestions please share them with me it will help a lot

If you like the art I will make a sprite pack for this game that you will be able to download for free on my website: Grim's Sprite Gallery you will have to go to the Gallery page to download the packs though

You can also be able to play my game here for a better experience: The Dead Rising Official Site

Now change: key binds

New updates that are coming:
(Hey every one here are some updates I'm going to try hard to fit in very soon)

Ruin buildings that you can scrap for resources
More enemies
Night and day cycle
Camp fire will keep you warm at night and keep zombies away
Melee weapons and grenades


  • I have now added drops from the trees and added boulders which drop stone. I also add functioning doors.
  • Just checked it out, and man, it's solid! You've got all of the gameplay and code in for what you need to start building in the world. Also, was there an update where that the higher the display order is, the slower the movement of the object is? I'm just saying as it creates some wonderful depth, and I don't remember this being in the game originally (I may use it now hahaha).

    But so far, can't wait to see what you do with it, very smooth :+1:
  • Thank you so much, if you want to you can help me with ideas for the future game :)
  • Love it so far @GrimProductionZ ! Here is what I think you shoudl do next, but just know this is YOUR game, these are only suggestions. Do not feel you have to include this:

    - Inventory Hotbar. You did say you were going to do this, and @JR 01 has a good example

    - The Sea

    - More materials. I know you have 2 now, just soem more. Reply and I wil give a detailed response to this.

    - A carftable boat to travel the seas

    - An enterence to the underground which include new breed of zombies and other level matetials

    - Different Islands with different biomes like your badlands tileset
  • I think a tutorial is due. I'm not completely sure what to do as of the creating end, and some of the breaking is a bit ambiguous. Maybe highlight the breakable objects when the break-square is over the object? Also, for some reason, I'm not able to place anything… I've tried a couple times, but it was in vein.

    I know this game isn't done, so don't take it the wrong way haha it's still solid, but is still of need of some foundation mechanics and/or tutorial, I think I might be missing something.
  • Yeah @rcreger , the building thing is a little mess up you have to move it around before it will place a block properly

    Also @The Kodex I'll will add all of the following because these are great ideas and it will provide a challenge that I'm up for.
  • Ah, I see @GrimProductionZ . Well, I wish you luck with that! I've got a couple ideas for you, though:

    * civilization. Probably the hardest to develop into the game, civilians or villagers with political statuses and personality would make this game feel very alive. Making them other survivors in the wastelands of the zombies, some great dialogue would make it feel less lonely.

    * a item bar. I'm not sure how much of one thing I have, so having a counter would be great. Same thing could go with health (or even hunger, thirst, energy, etc.)

    * enemy variety. Right now there's just zombies, so different biomes possessed by other creatures would be interesting. Perhaps they don't even have to be monsters. They could be other survivors so desperate they'd kill you for food.

    * armor or defense. There's only attacks right now, so a defensive system would make the game feel more fluid.

    I know this game is just starting to pick itself up, and I know a lot of these things are going to take time and thought to make, I wish you luck with the game! I'm anticipating it!
  • Yeah, I will add that I was thinking of adding people that you could chat to but when their chat bar pops up it has their face expressions on the side of it
  • Brand new pickup system special thanks to @JR 01 for creating the pickup system all credits to you

    you can now pickup stones and planks
    water and food coming soon
  • Nice @GrimProductionZ ! Subtle but clever detail! I have an update you can add:

    On Island 4 you can find a scuba suit and explore the underwater where zombie fish and a Zombie Kracken boss are able to fight :)
  • Ok sounds great love idea i need some bosses :)
  • Smart curser update. when your curser hovers over a tree or boulder it will show a axe or a pic icon on the curser also has cool 8-bit look :)

    This idea was created by @The Kodex so thank you for the idea
  • Yeah, some boss ideas can be:

    - Pyro the water kracken

    - Cynort the Cyborg Zombie

    - Brood the giant zombie spawner

    - Baron the Zombie Leader

    Just some ideas @GrimProductionZ
  • Ok thos are some good ideas i might do the baron one be like a mutant zombie that you have to shoot his arms which have health then the die and then shoot head to kill him. and he would attack with his arms
  • Hey every one i created a site just for the game to have a better experience @seamothmaster45 @The Kodex check it out it is neato
  • ahhh very neato
  • Yes it is da best
  • edited May 3
    A now have added bridges to the build mode, enable it by pressing 4

    Water bar is now fully working when you pickup water you fill your bar by 25 out of 100
    by using a bunch of filters and switches you can't go below or above 100 in the bar

    I fixed the bug were you can spam jump at boulders trees and bushes making fly this does not happen any more

    Also fixed builder bug that sometimes it would not place block
  • Hey every one here are some updates I'm going to try hard to fit in very soon


    ruin buildings that you can scrap for resources



    more enemies
  • edited May 4
    And also more guns and will aim follow your mouse

    night and day cycle

    camp fire will keep you warm at night and keeps zombies away


    melee weapons and grenades
  • YES! @GrimProductionZ When do you think these updates will come? I was actually going to suggest a night and day cycle but I thought maybe not, so really good that you are adding it to the game anyway. I actually know the code for ladders, so make use of this instead of the grazer version (For Player):
    Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 17.51.11
    You would also need to make a border for the ladder as well, and the border surrounds the ladder as so:
    Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 17.52.35
    I have 2, the invisable purple block and the grey metal pillar thing. I only have 2 because the lader must be bordered ein every angle, and I wanted the two long silver pillars at the side only, but needed one for the top. (The purple blocks will always be invisable when in play mode).
  • I'm expecting the update to be finished in the next couple of months. it might be less which is what I'm hoping for. also I will try your ladder design.
  • Wow! I just played your game, and to be honest it is one of the best on flowlab! It's amazing! The graphics have to be the best part, but being able to enter build mode?! That was pure genious. When you finish this game, you NEED to sell this on Steam for £6.75, or the equivelent in Dollars, I would pay that to play a game like that!

    But Seriously the JUMP. PLEASE FIX THE JUMP. To make your job easier set Jump force to 50. And also make it so the character can be controled y WASD and The Arrow Keys. So much better for me.
  • Sorry I was out side mowing and playing with my dogs. Anyway so it would be about $8.40 in usd for me which I think is a bit to much I would think about maybe $5.99 which in your case would be about £4.81 which that would be a good price for me. And yes I'll fix jump and add arrow keys
  • but that price when my game is done of course because for the game now it would be a ripoff since it is not done
  • Ok all done I did not change the jump to 50 because it was to hight but I changed it to 45 cause it perfect. also you can still jump over zombies
  • Hey I've updated the gun you have to hold the S key down then press or hold space to shoot while holding the S key down
  • I updated the key binds so much you might want to read the description for the keys
  • Sorry, I have been offline for a while but Thank You! Sounds very good! Also thanks for changing the jump force as well. And Arrow Keys?! Just as I thought the game could not get better.

    Can't wait for the big update, and dont forget to do an inventory soon! Your game looks professional! And also I can do you an intro explaining the story if you like. @GrimProductionZ :)
  • Ok thanks for your help and liking the game
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