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Hurray, a survey!!



  • OK guys i'm sorry even if it isnt my fault but basicly i cant connect to internet in my computer so i havent been that active lately.... I'm trying to fix it every single day but isnt working... I will be back when i solve this..... I will do the survey and once again sorry for being inactive
  • @PixelPizza it's fine. I can't work on my games til my phone data resets. I'm out of hotspot. I'm just posting on my phone.
  • @Mhx Aîr like I have so many ideas and things i want To do ... I have lots of paper on my desk with Sketchs because i cant progress the game... ITS FRUSTATING.... But I know when i get this fixed ... Awakening will get a really nice update... And btw my bosses have been simples and easy To kill because they are the first ones i cant do dificult ones now.... ;) Soon
  • @PixelPizza same. When I can't get online, I'm making sprites and taking notes of ideas.
  • OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!! IM BACK GUYS!!!!!!!!! YASSSSSS
  • ._.

    back too I guess
  • done, btw I just made a new developer join.
  • I would also like to say that for a student like me, who don´t earn any money other than lunch money from my parents, it is expensive! would it be possible to make an age discount, I don´t think I will subscribe much longer...
  • Hey @Magnus Aalde - I have been thinking about adding a more affordable subscription level that includes everything except app exports. Do you think that would be better for you?
  • Please don’t let that be the new Indie account
  • edited January 2018
    If you can't decide on a way to do a budget account, you could have a Free+ account, where users can enable ads, and purchase new slots for more games, kind of like a free-to-play game would have ads and you could purchase items within the game. Ads would just appear on the Left Right top and bottom of the screen while making their game in /view, and the ads would help you pay for the site, but are only enabled for people who choose to enable them, so it's not intrusive to normal free users, or paid subscribers. Only those that cannot afford to pay for the full Indie program. You would obviously have to disable Adblock though. As long as the ads don't make any noise, they shouldn't be intrusive it all to the developer.

    YouTube has YouTube Red, and Newgrounds has Newgrounds premium, and all these other sites have ads except to premium members they are disabled. I know that there are a lot of games on flowlab probably making the site more expensive to you, so rather than have ads on the main site, they only appear while the user is actually building the game, not playing the game, if they aren't a subscriber.
  • @CrimsonBlackGames - I'm not planning on changing anything about the current accounts, but if I did make changes at some point they would be 100% optional. In other words, you wouldn't ever have to switch over to an updated plan unless you wanted to.

    @Mhx Aîr - That's not a bad idea, really - but I hate ads, and don't want to put them on the site :(
  • edited January 2018
    @grazer Ads? No.

    You want some real traffic at a reasonable price? I say sponsor YouTubers, there's many game development YouTubers out there with a decent to high subscriber count. If you find the right person, they'd have a decent amount of subscribers and it wouldn't break the bank. Facebook Ads and whatnot simply just don't work, sponsorship are much more effective. That's what I recommend anyhow.

    Edit: I bet if you found a smaller game development YouTuber with say 10,000 subscribers and pretty active viewers, I bet you could give a reasonable amount of money for them to do an entire video on the engine.
  • @PixelStudios grazer needs the money to run the site, not to spend more.

    @grazer I hate ads too, but that's why they are optional. This is why I like games that don't force ads on you, but reward you if you want to watch ads. Silent banner ads are just gifs or images on the screen, and they would only exist for people that want more features than a normal free user, without paying. Fully optional.
  • @Mhx Aîr I know, but you need money to make money in a lot of instances.

    There’s plenty of ways to monetize the site, you just need to think of the best one. We’ll think...
  • I'd recommend that Grazer learns how to do SEO for FlowLab. You could pay someone to do it for you, but it could easily by done by yourself for free.
  • @PixelStudios isn't the entire purpose of to find out how to do things from other games then be able to do it in your own game?
  • @Bestotted_Puppy No, the originality of your game would be very bad, because you shouldn't copy things from other games. Where did you even get that information from? The purpose of flowlab is just to create games easily without having any programming knowledge.

    @PixelStudios ???
  • @Latif3 SEO means Search Engine Optimization, for example Googling "Online game maker" Flowlab is the first result, but Googling "Game maker" Flowlab isn't the first result. Not a great example though.
  • @grazer can you also find a fix to that de-dupe thing with the messaging?
  • edited January 2018
    @CrimsonBlackGames - I'm not sure it's a good idea to allow duplicated messages to queue up, but maybe I can help you find a workaround for the issue you're having. I don't remember the specifics, but is it something could be fixed by adding a delay before one of the messages?

    If you link back to the thread where we were discussing it, I'll take a closer look.
  • @grazer for expiremintal purposes, how about a checkbox for queueing messages like that
  • @PixelStudios Ah yeah I get it, you can only find flowlab by searching "game creator no programming". Most people seach for "game maker no programming", but then you won't see flowlab. Not sure what grazer can do.
  • Hide words on his site that match the searches
  • @grazer you could do like a month or week trial for indie so the player can decide if they want to tenner a month or 60 a year

    on a sidenote whats the diffrence between student and user
  • Hey @dankermemes - the editor is free to use, so I think people can get a pretty idea of how it works without signing up.

    The only real difference between student and user accounts is that games made by student accounts have a Flowlab splash screen.
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