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FLOWJAM: The First Flowlab Game-Making Event!



  • @CrimsonBlackGames why did you stop using it
  • Hey folks - I don't mind being *a* judge, to act as a tiebreaker or prevent gaming the score, but I think it would better to have a more democratic process.

    Here's an idea:
    What if we had a poll, but only the contestants can vote (and I can vote too), but you can't vote for your own game?

  • That seems a good idea but I don't know how To make it @grazer
  • No no don't do that. I hate that because I don't want someone else to win, so I always vote on the worst game with the least votes.

    Just do judges, you and Carbot. I don't care.
  • @Latif3 I do not think most people think like you if we would have a jam most people would do it for the fun, so it would not be a real problem
  • But there also other problems like:
    We are only a few particpating so the votes will be tied.
  • OK - I'll be the judge to keep things simple :)
  • For this first one attleast, there wont be a prize (Im broke) so its more just for fun. Not meant to be competitive, all for the fun of comparing your game creating skills to others, and seeing what the people higher up did, to make yours better for the next time!
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