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FLOWJAM WEEK #2 - Results!



  • Honestly that looks pretty cool
  • @PixelPizza Really slick game! There's some great things going on in this game. Nice!

    My only issue is I struggle to see how I make some shots better than others. You can score from anywhere in the court, right? I'm not sure what I'm doing right or wrong when I get a screen shake...

    I started Flowjam with 'House Move', it's kind of an angry birds mechanic without the angles. I haven't finished by a long shot, I've got a few issues with Ray Casting I need to clear up.

    It's easy enough to detect when you go past the zone you're supposed to land but the logic for before and in the zone is proving tricky.
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    I did nothing... again
    I love my school but now I’m starting to hate it
  • I've only had 1 day to work on mine, so I'll try to cram something tomorrow on my day off before night, when grazer gets back. Two weeks would have been enough to get more done. I'm a bit disappointed with how little progress I made.
  • @Mhx Aîr I hear ya, I wanted to make a little sandbox game....
  • @Mhx Aîr Thanks :D

    @muddyapples But you have the score text and points come out of the basket at the bottom of the screen. The faster you dunk the more points you win. And the dunks are evaluated in Epic, damn, nice, meh

    They all emit different sounds and motions.
  • This is the game from @poop10
    He postend on Discord but i think he forgot to post here so I'm doing my duty.

    Stacks from @poop10
    for #FLOWJAMweek2
  • This is my entry for Flowjam:

    I'm hoping to add more features and fix bugs so any feedback is appreciated. Eventually I want to put it on Google Play. Thanks!
  • okey I´m sorry guys, but this is my entry:

    I know it is abit boring, and i could work some more on it, but i could not find the time to do it! but i will try to put some more work in to it next time.

    my lackluster submission because I decided not to enter

    its literally nothing, and you build your own game via editor
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    Didn't have any time to get anything done. Was hoping to work on it more last night and today, but I had to close at work til 2am, and had to take my car to the mechanic and was stuck there for 8 HOURS because the power went out and they couldn't lower my car, and also ordered the wrong part and had to take it back off, so...

    Here's my submission I guess...
    Wish I had more time. It's only 1 level, but I made all the graphics and music. It was supposed to be a Donkey Kong style game where you keep going higher and higher between skyscrapers fighting and dodging zoo animals and big animal bosses to capture them and send them back to the zoo. You play as an angry construction worker. I even made NES style box art and everything. Sigh... I'll work on it someday when I have time and port it to mobile.

    I even made screen glare and scanlines, with very simplistic controls and music to really give it that authentic NES game on an old fat TV feeling.

    Click it to play the first test level...

  • FlowJam 2 RESULTS

    CBG - Da Building Game:

    Clever, but there's no category for that :)

    Art: 1
    Gameplay: 1
    Flow: 1
    Total: 3

    Poop10 - Stackerz:

    The concept isn't bad, but I kind of wish it had custom sprites. The game seemed to work properly, and I was able to beat all the levels pretty quickly once I understood how to play.

    Art: 4
    Gameplay: 5
    Flow: 5
    Total: 14

    Muddy Apples - House Move:

    I like the simple controls and bright graphics, but I couldn't seem to figure out how to win. I think it's just not finished yet, but it's an interesting start.

    Art: 6
    Gameplay: 5
    Flow: 5
    Total: 16

    Magnus Alde - Tower Builder:

    This is actually a pretty well balanced game - My high score is only about 10, but I feel like I could do better with a bit of practice.

    Art: 5
    Gameplay: 6
    Flow: 5
    Total: 16

    Trigger2004 - Build and Defend:

    Pretty unique idea. The controls took a bit of getting used to, but it seemed to work well once I understood them. With some more polish this could make a nice mobile game.

    Art: 5
    Gameplay: 6
    Flow: 6
    Total: 17

    Mhx - Industrial Jungle:

    I really love the retro feel. The box art and the menu screen with scan lines are fantastic. The game is still in its early stages, but the graphics so far are clean and consistent.

    Art: 7
    Gameplay: 5
    Flow: 5
    Total: 17

    XxCarbotxX - Build an Island!:

    This one is pretty complex for such a short timeline. I wasn't able to beat the game, not sure if the logic needs work, or maybe I just suck at it.

    Art: 6
    Gameplay: 5
    Flow: 7
    Total: 18

    Wizardry - Kings Trouble:

    Wow, this is super ambitious! I can't believe how many interesting and complex elements are in here: Random maps, resources, and units. I wasn't able to make it very far, but this is technically extremely impressive.

    Art: 6
    Gameplay: 6
    Flow: 9
    Total: 21

    Pixel Pizza - Dash Dunkers:

    Super polished - all the details like screen shake, particles, sounds, and animations really add up to a game that looks and feels complete.

    Art: 9
    Gameplay: 6
    Flow: 7
    Total: 22

    And so, it appears that Pixel Pizza has won again, although I think that Wizardry also deserves a special mention for King's Trouble, and I hope that it continues to progress. Thanks to everyone who participated, and as before - if you participated and would like a Flowlab sticker, email me an address to send it to ([email protected])

  • 4th isn't too bad. Since a few people didn't get to finish or make anything, it would have been nice if we had 2 weeks instead of 1, like to Sunday, then CBG and I, as well as a few others could try to rush something in an extra 5 days. It was a hectic last 2 weeks for me so for what I made in one day, I would surely have been able to add more in the future.

    I still think these should be 2 weeks long and only once a month, so people have time to work on other stuff as well. Even just music and sketching are a major time consumer for me.
  • I liked xxcarbotxx's idea the most with this theme, but with so many unfinished entries (I am guilty as well) it makes you appreciate anything playable with an ending
  • Mine was secretly the most complex; it’s a DIY Game XD
  • WOW @PixelPizza , some weeks ago i made a pretty similar game.

    you did it much better tho!
  • This theme just sucked. Please do better themes in the future, space was good.
  • ^^ Agreed
  • edited May 2018
    @Latif3 that theme showed up by random chance- it’s a “favors the majority” thing, but lesser known ones can still be selected
  • I don't see anything wrong with the theme. We had could make a basketball shoe game, a Donkey Kong game, a tower defense game, an AI game, level generator, there was tons of variations of potential open only to the imagination as long as it involves something that had to do with building. I didn't see anything wrong with the theme, I just couldn't rush in one week, it was bad timing, not a bad thing. As far as I'm concerned, nothing stopped you from making a Space game, in fact, you could have made a space shooter, like CBG does, and the building part could have been upgrading your ship or Starbase.
  • It’s my specialty after all :P
  • Yas I won again :D
    My gameplay and flow remains the same score and my art went down(which I agree, I also had less time to do it).
    Next time I have to find a more interesting gameplay.

    You guys had really great ideas. The only I issue was the time. Some of you could easily beat me.

    @Wizardry Nice work. It was a very complex flow. But I didn't understand how to play it.
    @Mhx Aîr I like a lot of the graphics. Sad you really hand't time to finish it.
    @CrimsonBlackGames +1 point of Criativity xD

    And yes. Next time I will double up the deadline and will reduce the frequency of the contest. I also don't have much time.

    GG everyone
  • congratulations peeps!
  • Guys! Wouldn't it be so nice if @grazer release the team flowlab feature and FLOWJAM would do a duo version?
    Teams of 2. Would be even funnier.
  • That would be interesting. That means people would have to agree on the same game, same graphics, etc.
  • Then I can make infinite objects and levels if I work with someone with an indie account :D
  • I have a feeling that I’m just going to be a tool, since I have indie ._.
  • I wouldn't enter. I came to flowlab because I used to work with a PSP homebrew team, and together, we never got much done. It's like telling someone to draw a dream you had and they can't, because they didn't see it. I work better Batman style, alone and at night.
  • Nananananananana @Mhx Aîr!!!
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