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The "post your age and/or birthday" thread



  • edited October 2017
    Ok, well tell him I'm trying to sort it out but it may not get fixed tonight. Vanilla forums suck :(
  • thanks.
    by cb

  • offtopic, grazer, you posted here so you must say your age.
  • @grazer do you keep backups of the forum? If his account disappeared yesterday, loading a backup of any time before then should restore his account. There haven't been many topics lately, so we wouldn't be losing much.
  • @Mhx Aîr I’m back now, anyway... back on topic

    I’m 15
  • I'm 42, yo.

  • Wow, in those tutorials, you didn’t sound like it...
  • I work with a few guys in their late 30s and 40s and they look, act and sound young. If you've ever seen or heard of ThatIsThePlan aka "Best teeth in the game" meme review on YouTube (before he deleted his channel) that dude looked, acted and sounded 27 and was 55+. Youth never dies if you never grow up inside. Your body reflects your personality. If you're young at heart, your body stays younger and healthier from laughter and positivity. Angry and depressed people age fast. grazer is a cool guy, he will be around for a long long time.
  • edited October 2017

    @grazer is this where you got the picture, perhaps?? :D
  • I got suspicious :smile:
  • Busted! that's my real age, but not actually me in the pic :)
  • It's you in the profile pic that's way at the bottom of your activities page, right? (the one where it looks like you're getting in a car)
  • @Luminous No, that's Ken. grazer is the computer.
  • This isn’t some real porky Minch stuff right here. (Earthbound 2 reference)

    Anyway, key to immortality: immaturity
  • Hmm what day is it today??!
  • The day before I turn 16
  • Hey. happy birthday @Latif3!
  • edited June 2018
    i was born 2004, April 7 :P # youngest
  • edited June 2018
    Im 14 soon xD

    July 19 2004

    @Mhx Aîr What meds, because I have ADHD too. I take Atomoxetine and I used to take Concerta
  • edited June 2018
    I don't remember. It was around in the 90s and got banned in a lot of countries back in like 2005ish. Now kids can take hormones and puberty blockers for gender reasons, (which is actually really bad for many reasons, but I'm not about to let my science obsession side rant about it), so in retrospect, I guess it doesn't matter, except for the poor guys in their mid 20s and 30s that never hit puberty and have a squeaky voice. Poor guys. Would have been worth a lawsuit. It isn't either of those meds, but you can still look into the side effects if you want to know more about your meds. I stopped taking my meds in middle school, and so glad I did, because I'm 24 and my voice still cracks on occasion, I just started growing facial hair at 21. I also wouldn't have gotten any taller before my bones locked, so that would have been devastating. I almost missed the puberty bus thanks to my idiot doctor. That's one reason I study various sciences, to call bluffs and give advice. I would have been a microbiologist if I went to college, but I love game design a lot, so here I am.

    Always do your research, question everything. Sometimes people don't care what's best for you and just want to get paid.
  • Im 17
  • It’s me birthday 2Day
  • 31.10.2001
  • Happy birthday, even though you didn't say it to me :D
  • edited June 2018
    You are a man now, son.
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