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FLOWJAM #3 - Entries are open! Rules discussion.



  • Wonder if/how many people participated, because I sure didn't. I've been doing nothing but concept art lately.
  • So it looks like @Classic Productions is the only one who submitted a game this time around? Is that correct?
  • edited June 2018
    image -because vanilla forums doesn’t let me upload
  • Saw this coming. Events are still too often. It was hyped at first, but too often and people will lose interest. I vote for seasonal, every 4 months.
  • Do you get a price if you win flowjam like a week of indie developer something just wondering.
  • Your game can get featured and you can get a big flowlab sticker mailed to you for now. There aren't enough members to have a huge competition. Most we had was like 10 entries the other week. It was mostly for fun.
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    @Mhx air aw that's cool! If I win i'Il be updating hero tapper a lot. Also I agree with Flowjam being seasonal right know its not that special.
  • I had super fun making games for the first one. Also, 2 weeks is too much for a game jam.
    The challenge is to make a good game as fast as possible.

    And yes, I agree on putting like really Flowjam a rare event.

    it was a start, and then I was like meh, and i forgot to work on it
  • @Magnus Aalde your supposed to do it on super heros. If it is on superheros make it more noticeable. Your probably going to win if you do that, also I really like the game
  • oh also i changed my profile pic
  • Hey @Classic Productions - as the only entry this time around, you win by default :)

    If you want a Flowlab sticker, email me your mailing address ([email protected], don't post it here).

    @PixelPizza - thanks for all the effort organizing and running it once again. Maybe if we have them less frequently, I can come up with a better prize of some sort as well.
  • edited June 2018
    @grazer YEESSSS. I will be sending my address to you around 5:00 pm, also I want my game to be featured on Friday. I need to do a big update
  • Well being featured goes to a vote. We haven't featured a game in a long time, and I've been a member since 2013, and I haven't even had one my games featured.
  • @Mhx Aîr diamondsion assult was featured- but it has the bookmark thing instead of the star
  • edited June 2018
    No it wasn't. I tagged that myself back then lol. The game worked a lot better back then. It kept breaking from updates. One of the updates even removed the title screen video that I used the tag in for the screenshot. Oh well.
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