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Block Run Comments

edited April 2019 in Play My Game
Welcome to my game, Block Run's comment page! Please comment on how you feel about my game, any changes I could make, or any bugs. Also remember to favorite my game. Adios!
To look at my profile go to: @cthornock
To go to my game, go to
Have Fun!


  • Post a link @cthornock . Thanks!
  • Link is still not posted
  • Ello im a lowly editor
  • Le link to game since he didn't put it:
  • edited April 2019
    The link is posted maybe you need to refresh your page.
  • I am groot gru
  • funny how you get a lot of plays when so early and before the completion of the game even, if only my games could do that
  • You know @sho21 , that "Gru" face is terrifying!
  • YesYesYes!!! My game now has 100 plays! Might not seem much, but this is pretty good for me! Thank you to all who's played it!
  • @rcreger yeah kinda true, its actually a real life mask! (i found it online its not mine lol)
  • congrats canon! Your game might beat Kyle's soon yey
  • only 976 plays away... man I never realized how popular that game got.... gee
  • edited April 2019
    Btw, @sho21 since I finished Block Run you no longer have editing access but you will still be in the credits as an editor and you can still make suggestions on this comment page. Just a heads up! Thanks for all your hard work!
  • but you can just make the game longer...
    i mean, even my unfinished game is longer..............
  • @cthornock please either make block run longer or make a sequel,
    i have many, many, maannnnyy ideas for block run or its inevitable sequel
  • hey @cthornock If your making a new game or adding more content to the first then please re-add me to the team so that I can help
  • im back! lets do this
  • Block Run has 1,100 plays!!!!!! OMG!!!! That's soo good for me!!! Wow! Thanks to EVERYBODY who helped my game get this far! Oh my gosh!
  • hoow tf is this game so popular, its like fortnite in late 2017
  • Wait...
    This looks and plays exactly like cubed...
    or does cubed look and play exactly like block run?
    or is this a fan game?
    I'm confused
  • edited May 2019
    Agreed function the same but the blocks look different. The levels look simular im some ways or another.
  • Actually @Biscuit Butter and @TheForgotten , if you look at the credits in both games, Block Run came first, as Cubed came later. Cubed is just a rip-off of Block Run, but sadly it became more popular than my game, which came first.
  • Just a heads up for everybody, Block Run is now under more development and will not be public until it's finished. Thanks to all my players!
  • @cthornock that's kinda scummy
  • Big Oof, my lad
  • I'm actually kinda spectacle now. There's no way to prove the dates are correct in either game. You could've just made the date before his for all we know. I have a hunch you might be trying to copy another's popular game and say yours came first for attention. Who knows. I could be wrong. Just a hunch.
  • edited May 2019
    @cthornock please don't start anything,
    Credits are fully editable and doesn't mean yours is first.

    CUBED has been on top page for since the begging of this year.
    But for proof, CUBED game number is # 989,308 and Block Run is # 1,134,302.
  • Well, I have to say that is true..
  • I need help on "Block Run" Flowlab users! I need on e more mode that would be good for my game. So far I have Regular, Multi-Player, Speed Run, Battle, and Story modes. One more I need, help me hopefully you will (Yoda Talk).
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