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Many thanks!

edited August 2019 in General
Thanks to all who played my first game! I started this a while ago, and now A Little Evil has gotten there! If you want to play it again, or for your first time, here is the link!

A Little Evil:

This is not my best game, but it is my first. Enjoy!

And if you'd like to play my first story game, here it is, A Boy in Armor!

A Boy in Armor:

This is the game that helped me through to my most successful so far..

And if you'd like to play that, here it is, A-Box, the featured game!


Those games were all made on Flowlab free, and I did my absolute best each time I made each one! Hope you enjoy them, and if you do, please drop a like on them! And if you have a review, feel free to ask to review these! It'll be my pleasure! Thanks again, and enjoy!


  • What happened to you? Did you leave? On vacation? Took a break from flowlab?
  • Sorry to say @Biscuit Butter , but I'm leaving all services of Flowlab except game creation and notifying new updates. I'm just going through something and need more time for myself. Thanks for the concern.
  • I wish you luck and hope everything goes alright. Sometimes, you just have to be independent, and that is fine. We will see you later, @rcreger
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