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Leave YOUR game here, and I'LL review it! (The Crigence Critique)



  • @JR 01
    What happened to the mobile version of drive? You said you'd submit that for a review later on and i'm actually kind of interested to see how it turned out!
  • @Crigence Will you do mine?
  • Oh yeah, I didn't end up making new modes or change too much of the gameplay.
    But that doesn't make it the same game, I refined the HUD and changed the time system completely.

    There is now a Pause button, restart button, more secrets, a few sprite redesigns, change in speed (slower and faster), and a lot of bug fixes. Its been a while since I touched it, so I'm not sure if any new bugs have been created. So far it seems good so I think its good for a review.

    Here's the link:
  • edited November 2019
    @Biscuit Butter
    It's a good game, but is it better then the original Kid's Quest? Here's your review, find out for yourself:
    +Great choice of music! I mean, it's probably stolen but good job anyway!
    +The box respawning and pushing system is still really cool!
    +The character sticking out his hand when pushing a block is neat
    +I can see you made it so the ending coin actually locks your movement now (Something i complained about in Kid's Quest 1)! Well done!
    +Adding a new kind of pushable is actually a pretty smart way of expanding on the gameplay without doing it TOO drastically, good work!
    +The moving platform is another really smart idea!
    +Clicking on things to learn what they do? Didn't @rcreger do that first?
    +The ghost is a also a REALLY cool idea! Good work all around!

    -The pushing animation is a little creepy looking, just a nit-pick though
    -"Press S to fire out a 'moving' platform" It seems perfectly still to me...
    -You could've made the controls for the platforms more obvious, like maybe put a "S" on the dispenser and a "W" on the platform?
    -You know for a level with a ghost in it, this is some really happy music!

    *"Press D to die." Excellent advice!

    Maybe my standards have risen over these last few months, maybe i'm just bias, maybe Kid's Quest simply isn't that good, but i don't feel like this game really deserves a 4. For starters, it sticks TOO close to the original Kid's Quest and doesn't really innovate enough! How about some new and improved graphics? Maybe a new control like maybe a hover button? Because right now you could show me a picture of Kid's Quest 2 and 1 and i wouldn't be able to tell the difference!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    eyeVisuals - 3
    soundSound - 2.5 (A change of music in-between levels would be nice)
    joystickControls - 3.5 (The controls feel pretty good, actually!)
    angerDifficulty - 3.5
    gearStability - 5

    Final Score: 3.5/5, Better than average.
    Good game, mediocre sequel.

    Finish the game, firstly. Secondly: Add something actually different and groundbreaking to the game! Different pushables is a good start, but i want more!
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  • edited November 2019
    Since i have no additional comment to make here, here's your review:
    +Firstly: Really cool intro sequence!
    +Secondly: I really enjoy the style this game has going!
    +Thirdly: The transitions between menus is pretty cool too!
    +The ping sound as your pole hits the ground is a cute touch
    +I like how punchy the hit sound effect is!

    -What am i? No really, what am i? Am i playing as a sign?
    -They're less chapters and more levels
    -I'm not a good one to ask for this because i'm REALLY good at platformers, but this game is PAINFULLY easy!
    -The demo message does a REALLY good job at ripping you straight out of the game...

    *Z to throw rocks? Ok, i guess that works. Let spacebar continue being useless then

    I would give it a higher score, but i don't really feel like it's earned it yet. For starters, it doesn't work too much differently from every other generic platformer on Flowlab and ESPECIALLY not from the millions of REAL platformers out there! That, and it's hard to tell what the game is going to be like from 1 level's worth of gameplay!

    Scores (Scale of 1/5)

    eyeVisuals - 4
    soundSound - 2.5 (Good sound effects, but different music would be nice!)
    joystickControls - 2.5 (There's not much to screw up here)
    angerDifficulty - 1.5
    gearStability - 4.5 (I accidentally jumped mid-air once, but that's more because Flowlab is garbage when it comes to stability)

    Final Score: 3/5, It's okay.
    At least it's a pretty good demo

    Finish the game already, and try to be more unique gameplay wise! (Style wise, you have it nailed)
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    for now I`m wondering how to make in a rpg a charecter jump?

    (still not done wiht the game)
  • edited February 17
    Well, as long as i'm here i might as well make another one of these misc posts just about random subjects, it has been a while!

    First things first:
    Whats going on? Am i here to stay or am i going to leave again?

    Yep, i'm here to stay, at least for a little while or until i get every review that comes in done. The reason i'm not really making a big deal about my return or hell, barely even MENTIONED it until now is because i decided that i wanted to return completely silently as if nothing ever happened and because i wanted to see how the Flowlab community would react to my unannounced return. So far, everyone here also seems to be pretending i never left too! I guess i should've seen that coming.

    Last but not least:
    I will be adding new stuff, Including some of the things i just mentioned, in An open-letter to grazer. (Yes, i'm still updating that!) so keep an eye out for that!

    I'm also going to be abandoning The Crigence Critique website in favor of sticking purely to the forums and i'm going to resume work on Bounce Jam. And for those who saw that big red 'Crigence' logo and stopped to read the end: I highly suggest reading what i said in here! There's some important stuff!
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  • Oops, sorry, it's incomplete, PLEASE DON"T PLAY THIS TRASH! MY GAME SUCKS!
  • You know, i could review more games if Flowlab would stop blowing up everytime i got in the mood to try and play a game...
    I've felt good about this game I think it's going to be my masterpiece it's a game about my doge
  • It would be nice if you reviewed my game so i can see what i could do better!
  • edited January 18
    I know this has not been commented on for a while but just in case you are still doing it here is my game I know it needs a lot of work but, I think it has potential to be a lot better if you have any ideas or things for me to fix I need the help because I am kind of a noob!
  • Play my game Invisible Heist pls. I took me 1 month, and a lot of time to beat the impossible level. Winter Edition is out!
  • @seamothmaster45 @Diamondkittyxl
    Crigence left us to pursue STEAM about two years ago.
  • edited February 16
    Well i feel like i should announce formally that i am "Back", even though i never technically left...

    Basically, i quit reviewing. At least as of now. I'll probably return someday but as of right now i'm purely a developer!

    Iv'e been in the shadows for a while now, and iv'e been somewhat active in the Game Developers discord server though (Link here: and i finally have A YouTube channel up! It's nothing like what i was initially planning when i said i'd put these games in a YouTube video but it's something! (I don't normally like shortening URLs but Flowlab was doing some weird embedding stuff)

    But what iv'e primarily been doing is working on my game Bounce Jam!

    If you haven't played it yet, i HIGHLY suggest doing so now! The game is currently in beta but it should keep you entertained for a while!

    I also highly suggest looking at the changelog in the discussion as well! It gives you a better idea at just how much work has gone into the game thus far!

    Lastly: I'm going to try to be more active on the forums but i can't make any promises. I'm probably AM going to respond to whatever pops up in this discussion though so ask away!

    And if there's enough of a demand, i may return to reviewing soon enough ;)
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  • Yeah, start reviewing again @Crigence - it's been a little lonely, and I think you starting back up will rise the demand for reviews again. But you do you, no pressure.... I think:)
  • @rcreger
    I don't know, the demand for reviews has been down for a while, and i don't think me coming back is gonna change that much. But still, thanks for the motivation!
  • @Crigence it has stooped a lot, but not as much as before. I had a whole month with no requests, but since my reviews revival, it has been steady, though some days completely empty, but it usually ranges from 1-2 a day. Anyways, good luck with whatever you're up to!
  • Oi @Crigence not anything official but could you look at my game Galaxy trek? ty
  • edited February 24
    Hey @Crigence I Would Love You Too Review My Game Please

    My Game Pixel-Ship Is Finished But Is Getting More Major Updates In The Future

    Also Check Out The Forums For More Info On Game

    Link To Game Here: Click-Here
  • he said he is not reviewing anymore
  • Hey Did You Get Any Ideas For My Game
  • Well, due to the Game Developers server basically going to hell after JR 01 took control, i'm probably going to be abandoning the server soon.

    If you REALLY want a good Discord server to keep in touch with me in: Please use this one instead:

    That's The Safehouse. It's basically supposed to be an all-around server with some of the best Discord tech available!

    There's normally an entrance system with a form you have to take to get in: But i'll let anyone who i see come in through that invite in without having to take it!

    JUST PLEASE WAIT FOR ME TO LET YOU IN MANUALLY! I can't tell you how many people leave immediately after joining...

    Thanks for reading!
  • edited March 2
    Thats a bit harsh, I've been rebuilding the server from nothing after it had complete destruction for the past 2 months. For anyone else who's interested, I'm active on discord and I have a dedicated Flowlab section to chat, share your games, look at examples and ask for help on.

    Discord link:
  • Don't blame @JR 01 he's just been holding the fort while you have been away, and while evryone is trying to kill this forum even after it already died, he has been keeping it alive... kind of.

    Currently, he and random spammers have been more active on here than you @Crigence . Don't take this the wrong way i'm just saying...
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